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About Us

DrugPillStore was established in 2003 and now it has become popular and is one of the best Pharmaceutical Group of Companies having offices worldwide. Our major values and missions are the improvement and accessibility of the medicines for all people at affordable price without any inequity and continued efforts to improve the quality of the medicines. Client contentment has always motivated our approach and attitudes. Since first we came in existence, we are committed to supply medical products with trustworthy medicaments, merged efficiency, best quality and that too in very reasonable prices.

We have already established ourselves and achieved a status and reputation in international market for providing the most excellent quality drugs at very attractive prices. With a reliable and capable shipping department, we not only supply the best drugs at the low prices, but also make sure that it must be delivered to our customers on given time.

The following are the reasons that why you must prefer Drugpillstore over other pharmacy sites:

  1. Security of personal information:- we assure you to keep your personal  information confidential and secure. We also guarantee that you will get the best medical products in the fastest possible time.
  2. If any orders got struck at Customs level, then we assure you that product will be reshipped.
  3. We also offer high quality medical products to its customers at very reasonable prices.
  4. Drugpillstore put on the market or sells both branded and generic drugs. Mostly customers feel risky and insecure when it comes to buy generic drugs because there is no promise of quality there but at Drugpillstore, you are safe by purchasing the generic drugs because all the medical products are already tried, tested and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). There have been no complaints from the customers regarding the generic medications so far.

Our Offices

We have our stores in many countries of the world. Presently Drugpillstore is active in USA, UK, India, and Mauritius, with other offices located in different parts of the world.

The company is determined by its visualization to attain considerable business in prescription products with strong presences in market. Our dedicated teams co-ordinate with each other to make operations smoother and we work with top licensed pharmacies to guarantee customers the best products at the most reasonable rates.