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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is known as a medical chronic neurodegenerative sickness that usually flinches slowly and worsens over time and also mentioned too merely as Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is a category of dementia that causes difficulties with memory, thinking and behavior. The probability of having Alzheimer's disease intensifications substantially after the phase of 70 and it may affect about 50% of persons over the age of 85. The main hazard factor for Alzheimer's disease is augmented age. There are also genetic and other risk factors behind the Alzheimer’s.

As the disease further progresses, symptoms can encompass trouble with language, puzzlement (counting easily getting lost), mood swings, memory loss, loss of motivation, loss of control over self-care, and behavioral issues. The exact reason behind Alzheimer's disease is yet unknown. Although, it is supposed that accretion of the protein amyloid in the brain is supposed to play a role.  

Meditation is normally used to decrease stress and deliver a sense of well-being. Now investigators are discovered that meditation may be circuitously useful against Alzheimer’s disease as well. Five medications are presently used to manage the cognitive problems of AD: four are acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors (tacrine, rivastigmine, galantamine and donepezil) and the other (memantine) is an NMDA receptor antagonist. The advantage from their use is small; however, Discount in the action of the cholinergic neurons is a renowned feature of Alzheimer's disease.

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