Smoking is a routine practice or obsession of breathing in and out of the fumes, gas, vapors of tobacco, Cannabis and marijuana. They are available in various forms such as Beedi, Cigarette, Hookah, and cigar. Anti-smoking Drugs are the drugs which provide assistance to the individuals to give up smoking. In addition to this, these drugs minimize the withdrawal symptoms and demolish the feeling of smoking. These drugs consistently enhance the chances of quitting the habit. 

What are the anti-smoking drugs that are available in the market?

There are many Drugs which are available in the market as anti-smoking drugs. Nowadays most commonly used therapy is Nicotine replacement Therapy (NRT). Nicotine Replacement therapy is a treatment in which nicotine is released into the blood stream of the addicted one into such a small level without passing tar and carbon-monoxide.

Various forms of Nicotine Replacement therapy in which it is available are as follows:

  • Patches of Nicotine
  • Nicotine chewing gums.
  • Inhalators of nicotine – which looks like plastic cigarettes.
  • Tablets.
  • Nicotine nasal sprays.

If you are not getting any relief from Nicotine Replacement Therapy, then other medicines are also available which do not contain Nicotine. But these drugs reduce the withdrawal symptoms. The below mentioned drugs are available on our site. You can buy these products by making visits on our website.

  • Zyban tablets.
  • Chantix tablets.

In what conditions these anti-smoking drugs are advised?

It is advised as assistance in smoking cessation treatment. 

To whom these products are not prescribed?

Anti-smoking drugs are not prescribed by physician to those who have following medical condition:

  • To a pregnant woman.
  • Those who are already taking medicines for weight reduction.
  • Inadvisable to breast feeding mothers.
  • You have renal impairment.
  • Kidney or Heart disorder.
  • Diabetic patients.

What are the side effects of anti-smoking drugs?

Side effects are very rare, only reported cases are 1- 5 %.

  • Appearance of Rashes.
  • Swollen facial parts such as Lips, Tongue or throat.
  • Painful cramps in abdominal region.
  • Facing problem in passing stool.
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Gradually changes in body weight.
  • Confusion state.


Tell your physician if you are feeling any of these side effects.

What are the medications that are known to interact with anti-smoking drugs? 

Few medicines are known to interact with anti-smoking drugs. These are mentioned as below:

  • Carbamazepine.
  • Phenobarbital.
  • Phenytoin.
  • Ritonavir.
  • Lopinavir.
  • Efavirenz.
  • Levodopa.
  • Amantadine. 

How smoking destroys you?

Smoking is very harmful for health. It causes a number of severe diseases such as:

  • Lung cancer.
  • Oral cancer.
  • Heart Disorders.
  • And many more. 

Are these products safe?

These products are highly safe and efficacious. Tell your medical history to your physician before having this medication. 

What happens if I skip my dose?

If it is closer the time of the next dose, don’t take the missed dose and resume the usual dosing schedule. Don’t double your dose.

What should be done in case of overdose?

Overdosed patient with these medicines, make a call to poison control room or to your physician.

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