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Beauty & Skin Care

Beauty & Skin care

No matter how perfect you’re wearing making up over face and how well you’re at artistic hand but one of the best ways to look naturally beautiful is giving your skin the best care and maintaining the hygiene of your facial skin. Wearing makeup is the easiest thing but taking care of the face after wiping out the makeup is one of the essential things that one should go for.

Beauty is when your skin glows naturally, the face is clear of the big or tiny spots when there is no bumpy acne heads and pimple buds over the face. When there are no black/whiteheads around the nose and the skin has no dark patch then only it can be said that you’re following the right skin health regimen but when you have any one of these spots or issues associated to your face then you surely need a treatment with following medicines.

A Ret gel, Retin A cream, Retino A cream Clindac A cream, Melacare cream, Melacare Forte cream, Melalite Cream, Tazret gel, Fair & Lovely, Aziderm cream, Cleocin T gel, Retin-A micro Supratret, Differin gel.

Most of the medicine consists of Tretinoin as the active ingredient, a synthetic derivative which resembles the naturally occurring Vitamin A compound that is immensely beneficial for the improvisation of the skin health & rejuvenation. The above mentioned topical product gives your skin the clean look, smooth texture and a gloss that imparts your face the natural gloss. Using such topical products for 8-12 weeks will ensure with the perfect look to the person that is similar to his or her dreams and desires. 

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