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The generic drug, Mifepristone is a man made steroid that is responsible for suppressing the activity of progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone that plays an important role in menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Mifepristone acts as a birth control pill and is also helpful in regulation of glucose and Cushing syndrome.

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Mifeprex + Mifepristone

Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche in the industry by supplying an enormous grade array of Mifepristone. It is used to terminate pregnancy that is less than 49 days. Mifepristone stops the hormone supply should be present in the inside the uterus. These hormones are required for pregnancy and plat a vital role during pregnancy.

Not only this, Mifepristone also supports in controlling the high blood sugar level in those patients that are suffering from Cushing’s syndrome, having type II diabetes. Mifepristone should always be taken after consulting with doctor.

Mifepristone blocks the hormone known as progesterone that is essential for pregnancy to continue and also it is used along with Misoprostol. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol are required together to terminate early days of pregnancy that is less than 49 days. Mifepristone has been approved in many countries by FDA and its result is very effective. Mifepristone was known as RU-486 during its early trial period after the name of the designing company Roussel Ucla, who had designed this drug. France was the first place where it was made available and after that other companies followed the guidelines for manufacturing this drug. Mifepristone is also marketed under the trade names of Korlym and Mifeprex as approved by FDA.

Our valuable clients can avail this medicine from us by booking online through our online pharmacy business. The medicines will be delivered to the patients at their door step at low price. The personal information shared by the customers is kept secret and it will be shared by anyone with their consent. We believe in customer satisfaction and therefore deliver ordered medicines within specified time-frame. Mifepristone is known to be the first anti progesterone. The chemical structure of Mifepristone resembles to that of progesterone and has a very high affinity to the receptors of the progesterone. It not only blocks the receptor but also interfere with the action of progesterone 3. Mifepristone is also responsible for the changes in the endometrium, needed for the implantation.

Mifepristone is taken orally and has very effective result as compared to other birth control pill. In addition to this, Mifepristone is available in the form of tablet that is taken either with food or without food. Some patients might experience side effect from this drug. However, it is not necessary that all patients will have one or other side effect from Mifepristone. Mifepristone works by blocking the hormone progesterone that is essential for maintaining pregnancy. Since hormone is blocked, this leads to shedding of the uterine lining and the cervix starts becoming soft and in turn bleeding occurs.

This Mifepristone is followed by other medicine Misoprostol administration that is needed for contraction of uterus and thus pregnancy is expelled within six-eight hours. Some women might get stomach cramping and pain after the administration of the drug. In such cases, the women should talk and consult to their doctor or health care advisor as they can only decide what is best and proper for that particular patient. Patient after taking Mifepristone can start bleeding and this amount of bleeding varies from women to women.

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Mifeprex + Mifepristone

Mifepristone is given orally to the patient who wants to prevent pregnancy. It works efficiently and has effective result when administered. The generic Mifepristone is given to the adult having strength of 200mg in single dose and this is followed by 400 mcg of Misoprostol a single dose.

The tablets are taken with food or without food by the patient. Patient must confirm their abortion by performing ultrasonography or by visiting to the clinic.


Mifeprex + Mifepristone

Not all the patient will experience side effect if of the drug. The immune system varies from person to person and every person responds differently to the drug as the tolerance power for the medicines varies. Some patients might get excessive bleeding, infection & bleeding in the uterus& urinary tract infection.

Few women can have diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and cramps in the stomach. Patients can also experience headache, fatigue, weakness and dizziness. Not only this, the extremities may get swelled and appetite decreases, may have pain in joint & back, fever.

Sometimes, women can get allergic reaction which includes rash in skin, itching, light-headedness, may lose of consciousness, etc.


Mifeprex + Mifepristone

If the user of Mifepristone has any medical record, should talk to the doctor before starting this medicine. Some patient might get allergic reaction due to the inactive ingredients present in the drug. If reaction exists, the patient should consult a good medical advisor.

This drug causes dizziness to the patient so the work that need alertness such as driving vehicle, operating machine should be avoided as it may lead to any serious problem to the patient.

Mifepristone should be avoided by the patient who is suffering from diseases related to heart, ling, kidney and adrenal. Diabetic patient, patient with high blood pressure and porphyria should also talk to the doctor before starting the medicines. Patient should avoid intake of alcoholic beverages and smoking during when treatment with Mifepristone is going on.

Prior taking Mifepristone, the person must consult to the doctor if they are suffering from undiagnosed abdominal growth, any adrenal gland problem, bleeding problem, any blood disorder or ectopic pregnancy, etc. If the patient is using any intrauterine device, it should be removed before taking this drug.

Mifepristone might pass to the breast milk that may harm infant with any defect. So breast feeding women should consult the doctor and must confirm if it is good or not to feed the newly born child or should it avoided till the treatment goes on. In all cases, the patients must consult a good doctor before the condition become worse.