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RU486 - Mifepristone

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RU486-mifepristone is yellow coloured tablet and is cylindrical in shape. Our offered tablet is used as contraceptive pill that is responsible for abortion of preborn baby. Also, it acts as powerful glucose regulating hormone.

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With an aim to stand tall on the expectations of our esteemed clients, we are actively engaged in offering wide assortment of RU-486-mifepristone. It is a synthetic steroid and used for abortion in the first few months of pregnancy. Offered RU486 is an emergency contraceptive pill. In addition to this, RU486 is useful and powerful glucocorticoid (glucose regulating hormone) receptor.

Offered RU486-mifepristone attach to the progesterone that is present in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) along with various other tissues and this has to taken out that result in the death of the unborn baby, a condition known as abortion.

Clients can book their medicine through our online business facility. We assure our clients that RU486-mifepristone tablet will remain safe during its transit as it is packed using quality tested packing material.

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RU486-mifepristone has to be taken by mouth by the patient. Three tablets of RU486-mifepristone of 200mg are to be used orally by the patient in a day. It takes two days for the abortion after taking RU486-mifepristone and this can be confirmed by ultrasonography or by examination in the clinics, after which the patient takes 2 200 micro gram Misoprostol tablets.

After the intake of Misoprostol, the user might feel cramps or gastric disorder, in such cases; she should consult doctor for proper medicines

This RU486-mifepristone is named after the company Roussel Ucla from France who has designed this drug. It is also available in the market under the trade name of Korlym and Mifeprex as per FDA rule. RU-486-mifepristone is a steroid having anti-hormonal property. It works against progesterone, a hormone that is responsible or known for pregnancy and inflames abortion of the foetus.

Some person might show allergic reaction after the intake of RU486-mifepristone. In such cases, the patient or the user of this medicine should consult their medical advisor. Some of the common signs shown by patients are vomiting, nausea, infection and excessive bleeding from vagina.

However, the side effects are not limited to restricted symptom; it varies from person to person and their immune response to the particular medicine. Sometimes, the women have unusual or heavy bleeding from vagina after the use of RU486-mifepristone. Some person might have spotting for more than 8 days that can continue up to 30 days.

If a person is having any medical record, she should explain that to the doctor before starting RU486-mifepristone so that doctor can adjust the dose accordingly.

The active ingredients present in RU486-mifepristone can cause allergic reaction in some user and can cause mild to serious problem to them.

At times, women can have undiagnosed abdominal growth, problem in adrenal gland, blood related disorder and bleeding problem, in all such cases, doctor adjust the dose of the patient as per her body requirements.