Healthy skin reflects the condition of your health. Everyone wants a good and clear skin. The infection, tanning, unwanted condition of the skin makes us to feel bad. One of such infectious condition is scabies.

What do you mean by scabies?

The bad burning sensation and itching on the skin due to an infectious ailment is known as scabies. It is a communicable disease which can spread from one person to another. It is usually caused by the biting of the very miniature parasites known as scabies mite. These are the parasite which is generally found on the skin and burrow itself inside the skin. These parasites can multiply and spread from one part of the skin to another. The appearance of Scabies mites is cream in color, has the spines with bristles and is having the four pairs of legs. It can be observed through a naked eye and appear as a small spot.

The dimension of mites depends on their gender like female mites are larger in size as compared to male’s mites. Female mites make their entry into the skin through channels and reproduce eggs there. In her whole life, it reproduces around 40-50 eggs and are collected in the skin. With the passage of time, these the eggs are transformed into the larvae within 3-4 days and then further developed into adult mites after 10-15 days.

The signs that appear when scabies develop are itching, especially occurring in night, rashes, tiny pimple, sores get emerge when you rub the itchy rashes, development of thick crust on the skin, etc. The most excellent treatment for scabies is to use eurax generic creams which are used to restrain the growth of the scabies mites and cure scabies.

What is Eurax cream?

Eurax is a semisolid medication, intended to be used as a topical formulation. Eurax cream has a scabicidal antipruritic property. This cream is an extremely unbeaten cream that is intended to treat the skin disorder like scabies and itching. Eurax cream has composition of Crotamiton chemical that acts as a dynamic pharmaceutical ingredient. It is to be used topically and deal with the skin disorders like scabies, burning sensation, bug bites, eczema, rashes, nettle and inflammation. Use this as instructed; do not use this cream extra time for the reason that it may generate overdose symptoms like rash, queasiness, trouble in breathing and annoyance. Circumvent skipping the dose as missing dose may influence the healing time.

How to apply Eurax cream?

  • Before the application of this cream, you should receive a bath and properly dried up your body with the help of a towel. Shedding skin should be detached by rubbing gently.
  • Apply a thin layer of this cream on the entire body where infectivity had occurred.  It is also to be applied on the skin folded regions like toe, spaces between the fingers, soles of the foot and in nails.
  • Use this cream and repeat the same procedure of application on the next day and change the whole thing which you used like bed sheet, towel, and outfits.  Wash these things in cool water and appropriately dry it. With this action the mites which had spread on these things would get killed.
  • That stuff which does not come in the category of the washable, you can use them at least for the 3 days. Receive a bath after 2 days and clean cream from your skin.
  • For the management of additional skin disorders, make an application of a thin cover of this cream and rub down delicately onto the skin so that it get absorbed within the skin.
  • This is important to keep in mind that even after getting free from scabies, the itching may continue for many weeks.