Having a healthy sex drive is the key to have a good sexual lifestyle. We know the modern lifestyle is not friendly to the human libido. There are many challenges to healthy sex life which includes disease like diabetes and high blood pressure. Other factors include poor nutrition, prescription medication, too much of stress and less of sleep all contribute to slowing the drive for sexual pleasure.

How would you define the sexual drive?

Sexual drive could be defined as a pattern which involves complex hormonal and psychological factors that are influenced by both our health to our lifestyle and from gender to genetics.

Hormones take the driving seat in case of men

The driving seat is controlled by the hormones in both men and women. In case of men testosterone a male hormone plays an important role for men’s sex drive. Men who have reported low libido factor have been seen suffering from low testosterone levels. Metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity is also believed to impede the testosterone levels.

Prolactin is also believed to decrease the libido in both the sexes. The prolactin levels are believed to rise during the pregnancy and remain elevated during the breast feeding. Antidepressant and antipsychotic drug are also responsible to increase the prolactin level so one should avoid using such medication to enjoy a healthy sexual drive.

Some diet which assures a true drive for sex

There are certain diets which are known to enhance the sexual pleasure as they are the key to increase the production of sex hormones. Zinc is one such element which enhances the testosterone production. Oysters are full of chock and a diet with consistently ample zinc and other minerals is the real ticket to true drive.

Fish and nuts are believed to offer a healthy dose of fatty acids and helps in maintaining the hormonal balance and thinning of the blood.

 The Chocolates contains phenyethylamine compounds that triggers the brains release of dopamine and also responsible for getting a good sexual drive. The hot peppers are also believed to release the natural endorphins pain killers.

The current trend to treat erectile dysfunction   

The current trend says the most efficient method to cure illness or the relief of symptoms of a disease has become widely accepted by consumers. In case of erectile dysfunction there are list of trend makers which are orally available in market as Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafil.

Facts about Erectile dysfunction

  • There is a continuous trend to get back the erection and carry out the sexual activity successfully.
  • The cause of erectile dysfunctioning could be both physical and mental in nature.
  • Present generation is totally engrossed in drugs which are psychotropic in nature and the patient has made it a habit and it reflects in their medical history.
  • Too much of alcohol and cigarettes could also cause Erectile dysfunction.

Cenforce dose

Cenforce is available in different strength and as per the physical and mental reasons of the patients the doses are decided. Cenforce 50 mg is the initial dose to get the erection in case of patients who are suffering from diabetes and blood pressure like diseases. As per the strength requirement Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg is also prescribed by the physicians if the erection is not happening with lesser doses. Cenforce should be taken at least one hour before the physical intimacy. There is no compulsion for the dose as it is taken once a day and need not be taken twice as it may result into overdosing.

Preventive measures & caution

  • The cautions which are required in case of Cenforce are mainly include
  • When the patient is allergic to the medication or any component of the medication he should discuss the same with the doctor.
  • Any of the prescription or non prescription drug which the patient is consuming should be reported to the doctor.


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