Beautiful eyelashes are key factor in the overall beauty of eyes. As every lady want to have beautiful eyelashes to enhance the beauty of eyes, it is good to have Latisse eye drops as a solution. Women with thin and short eyelashes have a dream to regrow their longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. It is well said that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eyes are also used in the conversation. Some women have the beautiful eyelashes naturally but some do not, and have a dream of having beautiful eyes. Eyelashes are also used to protect your beautiful eyes from dust particles and smoke as they work as a curtain of the eyes. It is good to have disease free eyes as eye sight depends upon the disease of the eyes. If you have any disease in your eyes, your eye sight becomes poor. It is tough to have healthy eyes as our life style and diet affects the eyes very much. Eye lashes play a major role in the protection of eyes as they protect eyes from sun rays dust particles and smoke. Beautiful eye lashes also enhance the beauty of eyes and beautiful eyelashes directly affect the attraction power of a woman. Buy generic Bimatoprost Latisse Eye drops online to get beautiful eye lashes.

Care your eyes:

As eyes are the important part of your life, it is good to care your eyes. You can follow the tips given below:
    -   Take green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, eggs and almonds in diet as these are the rich sources of vitamin A.
    -   Avoid smoking as it can cause optic nerve damage and may lead to the cataract.
    -   Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful for eyes so protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays by using goggles.
    -   Carry sunglasses when you are outside in daytime to protect your eyes from dust particles, smoke and soil.
    -   Use anti-glare glasses while working on the computer for a long time.

Why eyelashes falls:

Some common reasons for the fall of eyelashes are as follows:

    -   If there is any imbalance in the thyroid level due to the overexcited or underactive thyroid glands, it may cause fall of eyelashes.
    -   An immune system disease named as ‘alopecia areata’ may produce hair loss.
    -   If you are using mascara, the elements present in it may cause loss of eyelashes.
    -   If there is any bacterial infection in the eyelids, it may lead to loss of eyelashes.
    -   If you are a cancer patient and using chemotherapy, it may cause damage to your eyelashes.
    -   Dust particles, smoke, pollution and ultraviolet rays may also cause loss of eyelashes.

How Latisse eye drops works:

Latisse eye drop contains Bimatoprost as an active compound which is used to enhance eyelashes by working on the anagen phase of the eyelashes hair cycle and thus increase the number of the eyelashes in the anagen phase. It is also used to make eyelashes thicker, lengthier and shadier. Buy Latisse Eye Drop to regrow your beautiful eyelashes.

How to apply Latisse Eye drops:

You should use one drop of the 0.01% ophthalmic solution with the help of sterile applicator to the upper eyelids. Do not blink your eyes for 2-3 minutes after the application of Latisse and after that shut your eyes for 2-4 minutes. It is easy to buy Latisse online from our online pharmacy store.

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