Erectile dysfunction in men is generally called male impotence. It is commonly referred as a physical or psychological illness that stops you or your partner from attainment of sexual satisfaction as he suffers from a difficulty in getting or maintaining a firm erection.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction in men can also take the form of: delayed or blocked ejaculation (getting sexual pleasure too slowly or not at all); premature ejaculation (getting orgasm too fast) or low libido (decreased interest in sexual activity).

These types of disputes can occur in any man or at any time. The causes mainly include:

  • Relationship issues (men may feel ashamed and guilty, making it problematic to discuss it with his partner, thus affecting his married life)
  • Alcohol consumption (excessive or frequent alcohol intake, in addition to drug abuse, can lead to or worsen male impotence)
  • Stress (learn to relax, and engage in problem solving, rather than keep it yourself)
  • Fatigue (not taking enough sleep may cause chronic fatigue, which creates chaos in your body. Energy levels start dipping and sexual desire lowers down)
  • Performance anxiety (Continuous fear over your look and appearance (questions in mind like Do I look fat?), or capability in bed can make sexual activity more stressful and panicky)

Standard natural treatments for male impotence include healthy lifestyle modifications, for instance:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Practicing regular physical exercises like yoga, running, meditation and others
  • Limitation of alcohol intake
  • Maintaining your weight
  • Naturally occurring antioxidant combinations commonly named as flavonoids can help recover cardiovascular health by increasing the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood and helps in rapid blood flow. As erectile dysfunction is a problem of blood flow, thus taking these flavonoids may help reduce the risk of ED. Chocolate, particularly the dark chocolate, Lycopene (tomatoes), green leafy vegetables like spinach, fruits such as pomengrate are rich in flavonoids.

Medications such as SuhagraCenforce, Erex, Fildena, Sildigra, FilagraCaverta and Kamagra increase the blood flow to the male sexual organ and improve the problem or ED or male impotence. Generic Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient present in Cenforce.


Suhagra is a PDE-5 enzyme (phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitor. This drug inhibits the activity of the enzyme which lets the muscles of the blood vessels of the male genital organ to relax producing an increased blood flow. Thus, Suhagra helps men in achieving and keeping an erection hard enough for a pleasurable sexual intercourse.

One tablet of Suhagra should be taken by mouth with a full glass of water. The recommended dosage of this drug is 50 mg. The drug should be taken 30 minutes before the sexual intimation. Do not break, chew or crush the tablets. This drug is available in numerous dosage strengths namely, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 200 mg. Do not consume more than one dose of Suhagra in a day. If you take an overdose by mistake, get instant medical help. Overdose symptoms include: vomiting, chest pain, severe drowsiness, fainting and irregular heartbeat.

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Suhagra has insignificant side effects such as light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, severe headache, and chest pain, allergic reactions like itching, running nose and swelling of the tongue. Communicate with your doctor if you experience these before they get worsen.


Suhagra should not be taken if you are suffering from or have a history of:

  • heart disease (heart attack, irregular heart beat or stroke)
  • hypersensitivity to Generic sildenafil citrate or any of the ingredients in the drug
  • diabetes
  • chronic bladder infections
  • thyroid disorder
  • kidney or liver disease
  • high or low blood pressure
  • blood disorder like any type of anaemia

Cenforce or Fildena may cause sedation or dizziness; do not get engaged in any type of physical work which demands attention while taking this drug.

Avoid taking this drug if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Avoid taking alcoholic beverages or grape juice in your diet as it hinders the performance of the drug.

Do not take this drug with nitroglycerine or nitrate containing drugs


The credit for the success of these drugs is attributed to the following factors:

  • High effectiveness and low risk ratio
  • Positive results in treating ED
  • Available at a negotiable price which makes it simple and easy for a common man to reach out and purchase the drug

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