Nowadays pain is commonly found ailment among the people because of hectic and unhealthy life style, thus it affects the daily routine activities. Hence the treatment of pain is mandatory. Pain is usually an unpleasant sensation trigger in nervous system. It can be specified as dull or sharp kind. Its tolerance varies from person to person. Pain has both physical and emotionalcomponents. The physical part of pain results from nerve stimulation. Pain can be contained to a discrete area, as in an injury, or it can be more diffuse as in disorders like fibromyalgia. Pain is medicated by specific nerve fibers that carry the pain impulses.

Pain motivates the individual to withdraw from damaging situations, to protect a damaged body part while it heals and avoid similar experiences in the future. Most pain resolves promptly once the painful stimulus is removed and the body has healed, but may persist despite removal of the stimulus and apparent healing of the body.

The categories of pain mentioned as follows:

Somatic pain- This category of pain is linked with musculoskeletal conditions which includes back pain, pelvic pain and headache.

Neuropathic pain- This category of pain is linked with heart stroke, heart attack and angina.

Other types of pain- Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain.

Tramjet are the best medications for the treatment of pain.


Major active component of these medication is tramadol hydrochloride. Tramadol shows its activity by binding itself to the opoid receptors situated in the brain and inhibits the activity of these receptors.It prevents the reuptake of certain chemicals in the cerebral brain, which are accountable for pain sensation. Additionally it alters the level of Serotonin and non-epinephrine and inhibits the conductions of pain signal. The advised dosage of Tramacip is 50mg and alternative dosage is been taken after every 4 to 6 hours. The drug is available in capsule dosage form and it is administered orally. The pills should be swallowed with sufficient amount of water and should be taken with or without meals.

Some safety measures that are need to be taken while having this medication are:

  • The medicine should not be given to the pregnant and breastfeeding woman.
  • In children under the age of 12 years, the drug is not supposed to be used.
  • If a person has stomach and intestinal ulcers, the preparation should not be used.
  • Drinking of liquid should not be entertained while taking the medication.
  • If patient is having renal or hepatic syndrome, tramadol should not be taken without consulting doctor.
  • Any other narcotic treatment e.g. use of sedative or phenytoin pills should be avoided.

Due to the quick and instant use of the medication in treatment of pain , tramadol is considered as a best medication for relief of pain.

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