Female sexual dysfunction is also known as female impotence. Commonly, women with sexual dysfunction abnormally have low sexual ability for lovemaking with their partners.

Sexual problems in women may include:

  • A lack of interest in sexual activity (reduced libido)
  • An inability to acquire a satisfactory orgasm for sexual intercourse (slow orgasm, or no orgasm)
  • Premature ovarian failure (loss of regular function of your ovaries before 40 years of age)

Normal Sexual Function
In a normal sexual activity, the mind and body of an individual interacts. The nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems all work together with the mind to produce a normal sexual response. A gentle and stable interaction among these systems controls the female sexual reaction.

There are several other physical, psychological (depression, stress) or even lifestyle factors behind female sexual dysfunction that will alter the sexual potential of women.

When women experience impotence issues, it may lead to loss of confidence among women in their sexual life. Since they suffer from sexual problems, their happily married life becomes a burden, but not pleasure, and ultimately, women may lose their interest in performing sexual intercourse. Unable to concentrate on the sexual activity because of a bad mood or work load may also lead to female sexual dysfunction.

Thus, in order to avoid this issue, we have the best solution, i.e. Ladygra to enhance your low erotic desire. Ladygra is a well-liked oral medication for erotic stimulation in females battling with the issue of impotence. Ladygra is available in specific dosages namely 25mg, 50mg as well as 100mg.

Ladygra is an amazing medicine containing Generic Sildenafil citrate as chief active constituent. It acts by stimulating the blood flow in the genital region and excites the nerves around the female reproductive organ. It is a libido-stimulating drug meant only for women who are deprived of the craving of lovemaking.

Generic Sildenafil citrate is also available under brand names like Female Viagra, Womenra and Pink Viagra.

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The maximum permissible intake of this drug is 100 mg in a day. If the dose is exceeded beyond 100 mg, you may suffer from severe side effects like excessive bleeding.

It is advisable to take this drug in empty stomach to achieve the best desirable effects. One tablet is taken orally in a day. It is necessary to take the tablet at least 1 hour prior to sexual intimation.

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The common side effects of Ladygra include headache, stomach ache, dizziness, blurred vision, irregular heartbeats, body pain, dehydration, and congestion in the nose.  Contact your physician if you face any of these undesirable effects.

Points to be kept in mind while taking Ladygra:

  • If you are a heart patient, do not take Ladygra or Viagra.
  • Women suffering from or having a past history of liver and kidney diseases must contact a physician before taking this drug.
  • Do not take Ladygra on your own and consult your doctor as you might be hypersensitive to Generic Sildenafil citrate.
  • If you are consuming alcoholic beverages or love grapefruit juice, please quit if you are taking Ladygra. As grapefruit juice or alcohol may interact with this medicine and reduce its efficacy.
  • Do not take Ladygra with nitrates.
  • Elderly women are more susceptible to the harmful effects of this drug. Therefore, they need to seek medical help before taking it.
  • Do not drive or perform any kind of physical or heavy activities like operating any machinery just after taking this drug because it causes dizziness and drowsiness.

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