People just smoke, when and why they started they do not have proper answers. Even they were unaware when they got addicted to it. They just do it. However, the reasons behind which smoking grasp people in its affect are-

  • They suppose they will get relief from tension, stress, depression, or in anger but they do not know that smoking is the actual cause of stress and depression.
  • Some smokes to put control on their weight.
  • Some of the populations, mainly teenagers just do it to look cool.
  • Some thinks that smoking and drinking decides their status.
  • Some just in trying to be part of the group join them in smoking and slowly it becomes habit due to addiction.

Today large portions our teenagers are also get addicted to the smoking. If you, being the parent will smoke it is natural that your child will also learn that. Even smoking in movies and TV also attracts the children to do the same. Because according to them it is the way to look mature and independent. If you smoke then plan now to quit the smoking as it is a fatal decision you have. If your child is smoking and if not, then also because he can be indulge in such activities at any time, then talk to them and let them know the bad effects they cause on the health.

There is also good news that now quitting smoking has becomes an easy procedure as there are a lot of anti smoking pills available online and in the markets to assist you. You must have made a plan to quit the smoke but fails due the craving that arises from time to time BUT now this time your plan is going to be successful, as the medicines work to put a control on the urge for the smoking.

Why to quit smoking?

Simple answer- “To remain fit and fine.”

Staying healthy is the main motive behind quitting the smoking. You will be able to lower the risk of serious diseases. In case you have succeeded in stopping yourself from smoking, it means you saved yourself from heart related disorders; from various types of cancer mainly from mouth cancer and lung cancer; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); vascular diseases, etc. Also saves you from other conditions like erectile dysfunction that can cause impotency in men; fertility issues;  cataracts; affect the nerve that lead to eye causing optic neuropathy; gum problem; psoriasis; osteoporosis; most important reduces the  the threat of pregnancy complications in case you are pregnant.

In case you smoking since the time of your teenage then if you quit smoking before 35 years of age your life expectation is almost to those you never smoke or you can say only somewhat less than it is for people who don’t smoked while if you quit smoking before 50 years of age then you would succeed in decreasing the threat of dying from smoking-related disorders by 50%.

Other benefits of quitting the smoke is your breathe will not smell, your appetite will get improve, financial condition gets improved, you will feel better, no coughing, you would look younger and definitely you will be a example for others.

Medications available for treating the smoking problem:

Buy stop smoking drugs as there are various medications are available now that help you to assist in quitting the smoke. Nicotine patches and gum (polacrilex patches and polacrilex gum) are available. These patches and gum deliver the nicotine when the urge for the smoking arises. Zyban (generic bupropion) is a new medicine that recently gets added in this category. It is quite effective drug as this is first drug that is devoid of nicotine thus can be easily used to quit the smoke. Champix that contains generic Varenicline is the dynamic drug that also does not contain the nicotine reduces the urge for craving for smoking.