Just taking 1 or 2 cigarettes initially in a day and when it becomes habit and the amount increased to more than 10 cigarettes in day, no one knows. It is for the reason that the nicotine of the cigarette causes an addiction towards itself. When people think of smoking? When he is in tension, when his friends force him, when he is in young age to look cool, by observing his father from childhood, to make a status in society, etc. are the reasons which makes him to smoke and when it makes his habit even he don’t know. When he realize till that time his body gets too addicted towards the nicotine that if he tries then also he finds himself difficulty to quit the smoking.

Cigarette contains tobacco, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, arsenic, tar, etc. All the things are injurious for health. Smoking takes the life slowly and causes various types of diseases.

To quit the smoking the first thing that is required is determined will power. Various anti smoking medications are available that will assist you in quitting the smoking. Nicotine Polacrilex Gum 2 mg is an effective medicine that will help you.

Buy Nicotine Polacrilex Gum Online to quit smoking by Nicotine replacement Therapy. Nicotine Polacrilex gum is available in two strengths 2mg and 4mg.

Nicotine gum- an effective anti smoking medication

Nicotine Polacrilex is a specially formulated drug in the dosage of chewing gum   that helps in lessening the withdrawal symptoms associated with the quitting the smoking. It effectively used in smoking cessation therapy.  It is a form of nicotine replacement therapy to provide relief from craving for nicotine.

It also Nicotine gum is available in two strengths- 2 mg and 4 mg. Nicotine gum is an ideal medication for quitting the smoking because- it is portable method and put a control on urge for nicotine. The dosage format of the nicotine gum is given below:

  • The patients who are taking more than 25 cigarettes in a day, they should use 4 mg nicotine gum.
  • The patients who are taking less than 25 cigarettes in a day, they should use 2 mg nicotine gum.
  • The medication of nicotine Polacrilex medicine is to be taken for 12 weeks. The schedule of taking the Nicorette gum is-

ü From weeks 1 to 6:  one chewing gum after every 1-2 hours

ü From weeks 7 to 9:  one chewing gum after every 2-4 hours

ü From weeks 10 to 12: one chewing gum after every 4-8 hours.

The nicotine gum is to be chewed to make the release of the nicotine. The chewing process is done slowly until the taste becomes strong. The best place to keep the chewing gum in mouth is the between the cheek and the gum. It is so to allow the absorption of the nicotine directly into the blood stream. Once the taste of the chewing gum becomes fade again starts chewing and when the taste again gets strong then rest it. Another chewing gum is to be used after the interval of an hour. Be careful not to use more than 24 chewing gums in a day.

After the 2-3 months the amount of the chewing gum is decreased for a day. When the time is about to discontinue the medication, it should not be stopped suddenly. Instead lower the number of chewing gum gradually.

The use of Nicotine Chewing Gum is contraindicated in patients who are oversensitive to nicotine or Polacrilex. It is also contraindicated during pregnancy for the reason that nicotine can cause harm on the fetus. Generic Nicorette is also contraindicated in nursing mothers, as nicotine gets excreted via breast milk.

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Some common side effects that can be seen with the use of Polacrilex Chewing Gum are apthous ulcers, throat pain, excessive saliva production and hiccups. Excessive mass gain is also sometimes noticed on abstaining of smoking.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

  • The risk of serious heart diseases, cancers and respiratory diseases will get reduce.
  • The risk of complications in pregnancy also lowered.
  • You breathing will be fresh and foul free.
  • Even you financial condition gets improved.
  • Fitness, appearance of skin and teeth gets improved.

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