It is very tough for any man or woman, to have an unsatisfactory sexual life. Lost sexual pleasure can make your life unromantic as it is a basic need of sexual satisfaction. What can make your life unromantic? – It is a question of great concern for both the sexual partners. And to find its answer, they start searching the faults of each other. But this is not the right way to find an answer as it can create a lot of problems in your life. But it is the time, to understand and support each other to resolve the issue. Most of the time, sexual disorders are the cause of lost sexual pleasure. Sexual disorders can affect both the partners. In males, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two most hazardous sexual disorders.

These can make the life of a man worst and as they can make him unable to satisfy his partner or even can unable to perform sex. In this situation woman should understand the problem and should help him emotionally. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem related to the males in which man find himself, unable to get or to maintain the penile erection at the time of sexual intercourse. The most reliable cause of this problem is inappropriate blood supply to the penile zone at the time of sexual arousal. But it is not an untreatable problem as we have a perfect solution of this problem in the form of Cenfroce 100mg which contains SILDENAFIL as an active ingredient. It is used to improve your sexual relationship by improving the blood supply to the penile area.

What can cause penile failure?

It is a matter of great concern and one should know about all the factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. It is not only a physical cause that can affect your penile erection but your emotions also play a major role in your sexual life. Some common factors that can cause erectile dysfunction are as follows:

  • It can affect your interest in sexual activity if you have negative thoughts or any doubt towards your partner.
  • Sometimes, when you are performing sex first time, performance anxiety can affect the erection of penis.
  • Erection of penis also gets affected by some disorders like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol level.
  • Some disorders related to the central nervous system can also affect the penile erection as they affect the thought process of an individual.
  • An imbalance in the sex hormones may also lead to the penile failure.
  • Your tiredness and sleeplessness may also cause erectile dysfunction.

But you should not worry about all these things as we have a magical remedy for you, to treat the erectile dysfunction in the form of Cenfroce 100mg. It is a generic medicine which contains Sildenafil as an active compound which causes vasodilation and hence erection of penis. There are some surgical methods also available to treat this problem such as penile replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy. But people do not prefer surgical methods as these includes the use of anesthesia and surgical instruments. You can also prefer some natural techniques to improve your erection such as Yoga and meditation. Some light exercises like bicycling, morning walk and walking on the treadmill also help to improve blood circulation and hence erection.

The active ingredient of Cenfroce 100mg is generic Sildenafil which is used to cause vasodilation by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5. It results in the increased level of cGMP in the penile area which helps improving blood flow and hence erection of penis at the time of sexual arousal. Nitric oxide and guanylate cyclase also help to increase the level of cGMP in the penile area and hence help to increase the erection of the penis.

You can take Vilitra at a dose of 100mg,150mg or 200mg as per the severity of the condition. But it is advised to take this medicine 20-30 minutes prior to the sexual activity.

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