Happiness of couple life also depends upon the sexual life of the couples. If there is any sexual problem in man or woman, it directly affects the relationship between the couples. In men, there is a common problem of loss of erection at the time of sexual activity. It is due to the change in environment and change in life style. Loss of erection or erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in man, in which man is unable to get or to maintain the erection of the penis the time of sexual intercourse. This problem can create disturbances in your happy sexual life and may feel you embarrass in front of your partner. So it is better to resolve this problem with the help of Tadaga 40 mg tablets. Tadaga 40 mg is a wonderful medicine in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. You can buy Tadaga online or from your nearest chemist shop to enjoy your sexual life.

Factors responsible for the loss of erection:

Some of the physiological, psychological and emotional factors are there which directly or indirectly affects the erection of the penis at the time of sexual activity. Some physiological factors behind erectile dysfunction include narrowing of the blood vessels, some disorders like diabetes, hypertension and hormonal problem and surgery. Some emotions also play a major role in loss of erection of the penis such as negative thoughts, depression anxiety and confusing state towards your partner. And psychological factors of erectile dysfunction are stress, anxiety, and other disorders of central nervous system. Some other factors are also responsible to cause loss of erection which includes:

  • -    Excessive use of alcohol and cigarette
  • -    Tiredness and frustration
  • -    Anger, fear and grief

You can use Tadaga to treat the problem of loss of erection. You can easily buy Tadaga 20 mg from your nearest chemist shop or online.

How can you resolve the problem of loss of erection?

There are various ways by which you can manage the problem of erectile dysfunction such as by adopting healthy life style and healthy diet. You can do Yoga, meditation, light exercise, morning walk, bicyclic and other physical activities to improve your sexual power. There are some medicines also available in the market to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

How Tadaga brings back your sexual cravings:

Generic Tadalafil is an active component of the Tadaga which is used to enhance the blood flow to the penile region by causing smooth muscle relaxation. This increased blood flow to the penis results in the erection of the penis in a natural way. This involves the inhibition of breakdown of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Cyclic GMP is an enzyme responsible to cause smooth muscle relaxation in the penile region at the time of sexual arousal. Nitric oxide is released at the time of sexual arousal and causes stimulation of an enzyme guanylate cyclase which activates the enzyme cGMP.

You can take Tadaga at a dose of 20mg, 40mg as per your requirement but it is advised to start Tadaga at a lower dose as higher doses of Tadaga may cause some side effects such as headache, dizziness and blurred vision.

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