Carrying a pregnancy for so long time needs patience and care. One has to be responsible and should have good surroundings. Your young one will need good environment and care. Your baby should get all privilege and should never suffer when he or she comes into this world. These conditions should be taken care of before your baby arrives into this world. If you are unable to take full responsibility for your baby or you think that it is not the right time for your baby. At that time, it is better to let to have an abortion step rather your baby will face difficulties when he or she comes into this world. Today many pills are available in the market and among those, the best way is to use RU-486. This medicine removes out your less than 7 weeks baby at ease.    

RU-486: Mifepristone

Strength: 200 mg

This medicine is famous as feticide medicine. Women choose an abortion as a right step when she is under some pressure like she could not handle the baby responsibility. RU-486 is used at that moment. The Mifepristone in it functions on Progesterone hormone and disables the activity of progesterone hormone. The main role of progesterone is to transfer the nutrition to the fetus for growth. There will be a stop in fetus growth. Misoprostol if taken, will bring forth dilation and contraction to remove out the fetus. Buy Abortion Pill Online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount.

Dosing scheme about RU-486

Consume three pills of Mifepristone. Each tablet has dose about 200 mg. Engulf it with water only orally. Keep an interval of about two days; if pregnancy does not gets aborted then consume two tablets of Misoprostol. Each with strength 200 mcg with water orally, or vaginally. Make sure to keep a gap of two days and have a physical examination to know about your pregnancy state.

Contradictory factors to keep in mind while taking the medicine:

  • Never do engulf these pills when having an ectopic state.
  • Never do engulf these pills when highly allergic towards this.
  • Never do engulf these pills when taking corticosteroids or anti-coagulants.
  • Never do engulf these pills when facing bleeding disorder.

Safety tips that have to be always followed:

  • Restrict your drinking of alcohol and grapefruit juices.
  • Weakness may be eliminated by engulfing juices and health diet.
  • To overcome dizziness, one should be away from the difficult task.
  • Keep out of children reach.
  • Take out your IUD's before having an abortion step.
  • Do not use in conditions such as endometriosis and any bleeding disorders.
  • Place it at a place that is moisture free, heat free, and light free.

There are a high possibility of unwanted side effects such as tired feeling, vaginal discharge, back pain, belly pain, headache, heartbeat, diarrhea, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, stomach cramps, and weakness.

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