Healthy and happy relationships are profuse with feeling, happiness, romance and satisfaction. It is important to have a life partner, who can stand by your side and survive the best quality time with you.  From time to time, the feminine make lots of excuses prior to mating session and she is not interested in involving in the lovemaking session. Sexual disorder is a menace as it can easily demolish your healthy and romantic love life and creates lots of misunderstanding with your spouse. If you pay no attention to this condition, then it can influence your physical, emotional and married life. Gradually, it becomes a major reason of divorce, breakup and splitting of relationships. Now, the first question arises in the mind of every female that, Why females lose their sexual desire? Due to heavy workload, tension, cardiac disorder, psychological issues and injury in genital organs may origin the lack of concern in mating session.

So, to defeat all theses female sexual dysfunction (FSH), medical science invented a new resolution for you, which is known as Ladygra. It is a libido motivating treatment; it is fundamentally designed for ladies use. To enjoy your intimacy session and effortlessly reach the climax with immense satisfaction and pleasure by taking only one Ladygra tablet. As per the consumers reviews, it is a most efficient and hopeful preparation to treat the sexual arousal disabilities in females.   

Facts on functioning Ladygra-

Generic Sildenafil citrate is a most important component found in the Ladygra. Sildenafil is a PDE type-5 inhibitor and it improves the blood stream towards the private organs of females and develops their libido by the more quantity of blood. After the utilization of Ladygra, female can effortlessly enhance their libido in one hour and it also help to enjoy the whole intimacy meeting. It is very encouraging prescription for sexually abandoned female who have lost their interest in intercourse due to a variety of reasons. Ladygra is also known as Womenra, Lady Viagra and Pink Viagra.

One pill of Ladygra is enough for a whole night. Ladygra can offer the action more than 6 hours so, you can smoothly enjoy whole night immodest sexual ride in bed. Ladygra is primarily intended for feminine, who are more than the age group of 18 years. This treatment usually acts on the genital area of females by relaxing the tissues and blood vessel, therefore it dilates the blood vessels and allows more quantity of blood towards the private organs of ladies and excite your sexual cravings.

Dosing information on Ladygra-  

Ladygra is to be taken as a solitary dose. It is available in the tablet dosage form and it is pink color. The recommended dose of Ladygra is 100mg. You can get the whole pill by the mouth with the help of enough amount of water. It is simply dissolve and start providing their remedial actions. It should be always taken in an empty stomach and it should be taken just before one hour of sexual intercourse as it is sufficient time for any lady to enjoy their amazing moments with his partner. One tablet of Ladygra stays you stimulating for the next 6 hours or more, but this medical therapy always demonstrate their effective actions in case of sexually stimulated ladies. Don’t crush, chew or mash the tablet underneath your teeth, otherwise you may undergo bitterness of the taste of tablet.   

Well known adverse effects of Ladygra-

Some more frequent adverse effects occurs while taking Ladygra medication like lack of appetite, annoyance, stomach pain, tiredness, complexity in breathing and severe headache.

Things to be avoided as taking Ladygra-

  • Ladygra doesn’t give any protection against the sexually transmitted disease (STD’s) like AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea.
  • Don’t consume this drug in case of renal, hepatic and heart disorders.
  • Girl below the age group of 18 years should not get this medicine.
  • Driving and operation of machinery work should be strictly avoided after the usage of generic Sildenafil because it may cause sleepiness.
  • Concomitant intake of nitrate is strictly avoided along with Ladygra.
  • Usage of alcohol and grapefruit are strictly avoided along with Ladygra as it may interact with generic Sildenafil and may lead to various health issues.

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