Sensuality is something that cannot be experienced by reading or listening or watching porn. It is a feeling that can be relished by the person when he gets intimate with his lover. Nothing can give you that pleasure even having intimacy with a trained porn star unless you are not having that hardness in your penile organ. The instances of erection failure in the young generation are increasing day by day. The reason of this is many like poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and fatigue due to sleep apnea, a disease like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and hormonal imbalance. Age, alcohol, abuse of drugs and cigarette smoke, excess intake of caffeine and doing masturbation slowly retards the virility of men and strike bad on the sensual relationship of the couple. If you are also under the trap of this erection dysfunction than the intake of healthy diets and health supplements will not impact that effect, as the medicine Cenforce can put.

Sildenafil is the functional moiety that is present within a brand called Cenforce. The medicine boasts off its effect by knotting the function of cGMP breakdown accomplished by Isoenzymes called PDE5. Thus, there occurs the deposition of cGMP, within corpus cavernosum that put its impact directly on the smooth muscles and the penile blood vessels to facilitate the rush of blood into the organ to make it stood erect and firm for the better sensual performance.

Cenforce is available in strengths 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg that can be taken as per the severity of your condition. One dose of Sildenafil an hour before getting intimate with a partner with colossal water improvises the sensual performance. The pill lasts its effect for min 5 to 6 hours with no further reiteration of the dose for next 24 hours.

Cenforce 150mg

Few nasty effects that men can encounter whilst the intake of Sildenafil therapy are pink eyes, facial flushing, trembling of muscles, chills, slurred speech, heavy headedness, myalgia, fast breaths, throat soreness, dryness of skin and Priapism.

Few measures that need to be police by a patient are booze, junkie, cheesy or high-calorie diets, grapefruit and its juice, caffeine, nitrates embodying medicines. Riding motor and participating in outdoor sports can cause injury to the patient as he will be having fatigue, blurry vision and drowsiness within him.

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