While intercourse millions of sperm travel through your genital and when they find an egg, it fertilizes it. This is called as fertilization process. Effective barrier methods will prevent such interaction of an egg with a sperm. When a female is willing to conceive, she does not use protections. When a female is not ready to conceive, she uses protections but sometimes these fail and make you pregnant. At those times, you need not worry there is left another option of an abortion with RU-486. This medication is useful for concluding your pregnancy that is below 7 weeks. One can her pregnancy get removed with those pills. These are 100% efficient pills that work only when taken properly according to the dosing structure. Many women all across the globe are purchasing those pills and were happy about it. On our website, there were positive reviews about those pills. Use it as soon when you know about your pregnancy.  


RU-486: Mifepristone

Category: An abortion pill

This medicine generally works upon the progesterone hormone and stops its functioning. Progesterone hormone is meant to be helpful in transferring the nutrients towards the fetus. Therefore, there will growth in your fetus. Mifepristone brings about the cut in the nutrition supply and makes the fetus dead. Misoprostol also induces the dilation and contraction process thereby expelling the fetus from the womb. This medication is been taken by many to rid of unplanned and undesired pregnancies. Buy Abortion Pill Online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount.

At first, use THREE PILLS of Mifepristone. Each Pill is having a strength about 200 mg. Use it with water orally. Then make a gap of two days, then Use TWO PILLS Misoprostol. Each pill is having a strength about 200 mcg. Then again make a gap of two days, then do an ultrasound testing to verify your gestation period.

While using this medicine, keep following some contraindications such as:

  • Do not swallow it when you are prone to its ingredients.
  • Do not swallow it when you are in a state of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Do not swallow it when you are ingesting anti-coagulants and corticosteroids.
  • Do not swallow it when you have bleeding disorder or porphyria.
  • Do not swallow it when under 18 years old.

While using such pills for an abortion, do follow precautions such as:

  • Put your IUD's out from your womb before an abortion step.
  • Dizzy feeling rises after an abortion so quit activities that are quite hard.
  • To balance the weakness, use juices and balanced diet.
  • Keep out of small children reach.
  • Make sure to store it at a place that is safe and away from children reach.

Some harmful issues seen with those pills are as stomach cramps, weakness, nausea, vomiting, giddiness, belly pain, vaginal itching, and vaginal bleeding.

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