You’re now ready to be pregnant you have made your mind up for beginning a new family, you have already begun up with the folic acid and other vitamin supplements now the last thing you have to do is simply waiting. Yes! Wait for the right time when ovum and sperm get fertilize together and you get to develop with the fetus inside your uterus. Alas! Your wait is still not ending. You tried many different postures to raise the possibility of your conception.

You have already spent many dollars in buying Ovulation and pregnancy detection kits but none has been proved useful to you as still, you’re waiting for that lucky day on which you might get pregnant with your lover to procreate a new life inside you. Every day you see a new dream that your baby was born and you’re keeping the baby very nicely. You and your spouse together are giving the best care to your child.

Your days are full of the laughter of your kid and nights are busy in toiling after the kid. All these dreams are further making your days stressed as your craving to become pregnant is increasing and the confidence is losing due to repetitive failure in conceiving. Facing failure to conception for complete one year you decided to move the gynecologist clinic. The doctor writes some tests to the couple and later prescribes the women with Ovidac 5000iu Injection.

Ovidac Injection enfolds HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as the functional moiety that only cures the primary difficulties of the pregnancy like poor egg health and low motility sperm but also corrects the Anovulation, menstrual irregularity, hormonal imbalance and reasons not mentioned here. There are many couples who face failure in getting pregnant but this doesn’t mean that they will never overcome their infertility. Some may even try for one year and more and then have successfully conceived with HCG injection. FDA has also approved this medication for conceiving a pregnancy.

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism maintains the level of testosterone hormone in men body when treated with an injection of Ovidac 4000IU thrice a week till 6-9 months followed by repetition with dosing of 2000IU Ovidac thrice a week for 3 months (additional).
  • Anovulation is the case in a woman that creates a barrier in conception and can be treated with dosing of Ovidac 5000IU-10,000IU after the Menotropins administration.
  • Boys younger in the age of about 4-9 years can control the condition of pubertal Cryptorchidism via Ovidac 5000IU when given to patients on an alternate day till four injections for the easy descent of the testicles in the scrotal sac.

Adverse indications to use of Ovidac injections are nausea, headache, vomiting, mood swings, exhaustion, pain and inflammation at the site of injection and near the pelvic region.

Cautionary indications to be followed with Ovidac injection therapy includes following:

  • Pre-gynecological checkup is must for the patients prior beginning to any dosage of Ovidac
  • Some women have been reported with fair probability of developing multiple pregnancies when administered with this injection
  • Only a sterile syringe should be used when a person is taking the Ovidac injection.

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