Almost every individual dreams about having children in his life but due to infertility they are not able to become partners. However, there are several reasons but the most common reasons of infertility is delaying in conceive or enhanced age. Other than this some kind of lack in partner can also be the reason of infertility. For those individuals who are delaying pregnancy due to his job, career, education or many other and have crave of becoming parent this is very disruptive and heartbreaking when she know about her infertility. Delaying pregnancy is one of the most common reasons of infertility over the globe as she loses the best time to become mother. Some other reasons that are commonly seen in most cases are poor ovarian response & low sperm count in men. If you are struggling with infertility then you can control this with the help of medicine called as Ovidac.

HCG Ovidac 5000iu is one of the most commonly used medicines by females for the treatment of infertility in female who has not gone through menopause. This medicine is contains HCG-Human Chronic Gonadotropin as the main active constituent which is a female hormone produced in the placenta at the time of pregnancy. This medicine can be used in both men and women that support them to become parents. It acts on ovulation process in women and sperm formation in men for makes them fertile again and also normalizes the ovulation process in women and promotes the number of sperm count treat infertility. HCG shows action by promoting up the figure of eggs formed and discharges from the ovaries and acts by repeating the hormone known as luteinizing or LH, which makes the follicles in the ovaries to free eggs. Though in men, it enhances the formation of sperm by stimulating the Leydig cells of the testes to generate testosterone.

The dosing regimen of Ovidac:
For the management of infertility this medicine comes in the dosing regimen of 5000 IU to 10,000 IU, IU is given followed by the last dose of Menotropins which comes as injection form. The patient is suggested to consume the medicine by means of muscular route or subcutaneous route. To manage hypogonadism the normally suggested dose of this medicine is 500 to 1000 IU three times in a week for a period of 3 weeks and afterward, the same dose is given twice a week for 3 weeks.

Possible side effects:
This medicine may show some obnoxious effects such as severe pelvic headache, bruising, or redness at the injection site, pain, weight gain, fatigue, impatience, irritation, nausea, pain, swelling, and drowsiness.

Defensive measures while using Ovidac:
The use of this medicine is not allowed in case you are allergic to any constituent in the medicine and consult the doctor if you are patient of prostate or breast cancer or any other severe medical condition. This always suggested using sterile product along with this medicine. Avoid using alcohol or any other products along with this medicine as these are not safe along with this medicine.

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