Men with erectile dysfunction experience mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; low self-esteem and reduced quality of life. ED is not just a physical problem, but an emotional problem also. Women always complain that their partners do not share their feelings with them easily and this introvert behavior of men is the reason why they become emotionally distant in the case of ED.

Many men with erectile dysfunction tend to withdraw physically and emotionally from their partners. They live in constant fear and dread that any physical fondness will earn a request for sexual intercourse from their partner and they will again let them down. Anxiety and depression have detrimental effects on sexual desire and erectile responsiveness of a man.  Negative thoughts increase the fear of performance, poorer sexual function and avoidance of physical intercourse.

Some men believe that manhood is defined by sexual performance and since they have a poorer sexual function, they consider themselves as failures. This leads to loss of confidence and self-esteem. Men channel a lot of their mental energy into this problem and become emotionally drained.

Successful treatment of ED has proven to improve depression state in men.  In a recent study by Columbia University, men suffering from ED were divided into two groups, one group was given oral PDE5 inhibitors and other group was given a placebo. The results showed that the group which received oral PDE5 inhibitors had better results in restoring erectile dysfunction as compared to another group which received placebo. Moreover, men treated successfully for erectile dysfunction also experienced an improvement in their depressive behaviors.

Cenforce is available in different doses of 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. It contains generic Sildenafil citrate which blocks the action of Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzymes, resulting in enhanced action of cGMP. The cGMP leads to vasodilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the male organs, resulting in penile erection, which lasts for about 3-4 hours for a satisfactory sexual activity. So, buy cenforce online and get it delivered at your home.

The person should take only one dose of this drug in a day to avoid overdosing. One pill is to be taken orally with a glass of water and should be taken half an hour before the sexual activity. So, buy Filagra online now. 

Sildigra should not be taken in the following circumstances:-

  • If the person is suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • Don’t take this drug if you have any heart disorders.
  • In cases where the person is suffering from renal or kidney Disorders.
  • The person using this dug is suffering from any kind of microbial infection.
  • If you are allergic to Sildenafil citrate or other ED drugs.

Short term harmful effects of Suhagra are Painful and prolonged erection, dizziness, drowsiness, Chest pain or angina, skin rashes, swelling of lips, mouth and throat, irregular heartbeat, Flushing of face, Nasal congestion, Abnormal vision, Backache and Temporary loss of hearing

The drug should be stored away from the direct sunlight and heat and kept away from the reach of children. Drug overdose can lead to harmful effects. Avoid overdosing, in case of emergency, call your doctor. So, buy Suhagra online now from here to get the best rates and discounts.

Safety tips:-

  • The person should not take this drug along with nitroglycerine as it may lead to hypotension and a fall in blood pressure.
  • Avoid including grape juice in your diet as it reduces the performance of the drug.
  • Inclusion of fatty acid rich foods in your diet also hinders its action.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs can decline its performance.
  • The person taking it should be sexually aroused as it will not work otherwise. 

Cenforce is used in the management of erectile dysfunction in men. It is an oral PDE5 inhibitor. It is a safe and effective drug. So, buy Cenforce online now.