Meeting your girlfriend after a long time is full of surprises. You and your girlfriend are bursting with emotions. On your booking in a hotel, your room was already decorated with red roses and unbeatable lightening. Entering in the room, you see that your woman is looking more seductive in that romantic environment. You forget the whole day tiredness after seeing her, the first thing you did is hugging her.

The first words you uttered is admiring the beauty of your woman. She was trembling by your touch and you can feel it in yourself. When you are hugging her, your all senses get activated like you are just ready to intimate with her. She is also romantic, so for attracting you, she was wearing a red dress.

You started talking to her, but your eyes are still on her face, looking at her cute gestures that she was making to avoid eye contact with you. Taking the initiative you call her near you, she was getting sighed but she does and then she moved her lips towards you. Unexpectedly you move your face in the forward direction and with closed eyes, you start kissing her. One more step and then your emotions get quite high lastly when it becomes the time to dig her, you lost your erection. Buy  Fildena 100mg & 50mg Online from our drug portal at cheap price .

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The working of action of Sildenafil Citrate comes in light by blocking the working of the PDE-5 enzyme, that further results in the breakdown of cGMP in the male private region. When a man comes in the mood to love his woman, there is a release of nitric oxide from his body that causes and stores cGMP in the male sensitive area. Due to this, penile muscles get widen and blood starts streaming with high velocity in male sensual part. This serves as a basis of harder erection.

The branded medicine Fildena can be easily purchased in dosing strength of 50 mg and 100 mg. This medicine is intended to be taken via with profusion of water. You need to have this medicine before 60 minutes of becoming cozier with your mate. Activeness of the drug remains for 4 to 5 hours in the body so it is better to administer second medicine for the second day of lovemaking after completing 24 hours.

Some of the common side effects that can cause due to use of Fildena are lightheadedness, ringing sound in the ear, chest pain, illness, muscle pain, headache, drowsiness, indistinct vision, nasal blocking, body pain, and stomach upset.

Some of the precautionary measures that need to keep in mind while taking Fildena are:–

Fildena medicine cannot be combined with alcohol as it will make the action of the medicine slow. Fildena medicine cannot be taken by a person who is allergic to it as it may cause unwanted noxious effects. Fildena medicine cannot be taken in case of medical problems like a liver problem or kidney problem. So oyu can Buy Fildena Online from our onlinr drug portal at reliable price with discount.