In today's lifestyle, sexual desire is not a topic of introversion and it becomes a vital part of our life.

Filitra contains Vardenafil that gives a spirit to the people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and helpful in getting back its lust in their sexual life.

In modern era, everyone suffered from stress and pressure of work load in their life. So, the healthy sexual life can play a remedial therapy in reducing such stress and pressure from their life. But some males can let down his partner in during the sexual conception, due to some factors. These factors are:

  • Any type of male disorder or diseases
  • Nervousness
  • Work load
  • Diabetes

There are many disorders found in today's life style. Erectile dysfunction is one of the common disorders which related to the genital part of the male candidate. It is the horrible feeling of the patient causes due giving the unsatisfied result or pleasure to his partner. It is the disorder in which he enables to conquer or manage his penile erection during the sexual conception.

It becomes very reluctant feeling his for discussing about his impotency problem with the second persons, also to the doctor. 

If you are hesitating to discuss it with the doctor for getting medical consultation, then Filitra will help you to bring your sexual desire by giving you a satisfactory erection during the sexual conception.


Description about Filitra 60 mg:

Vardenafil is an oral dosage form which is meant for treating atrocious disorder of erectile dysfunction in males. It consists of Vardenafil which is a potent phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors. It acts by increasing the blood flow into the genital part of the patient. It also has beneficial effect on managing the impotency in the patient.

Other Doses form available in the market is 20 and 40 mg. It is available in the tablet dosage form.

Some Common side effects are:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Feeling of heart burn
  • Headache
  • stomach discomfort
  • Flushing 

How Filitra works?

Filitra contains Vardenafil in it as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and it act by inhibiting the release of PDE 5, which causes a stimulation of conversion of cyclic GMP from guanylate cyclase. This conversion causes a change in the size of the blood vessels which carries a blood to the genital part of the patient. As the size of the vessels increases, then the volume of blood circulation also increases. Hence, it gives you a satisfactory erection during the sexual conception. 

How to take Filitra?

The safer recommended dose of the Filitra is administered one tablet of it prior 30 to 60 minutes of having the sexual conception. It is solid dosage form available in table form in the market. It should be administered via oral route with a full glass of water with or without having the meal.

Avoid taking it as regular dosage form and should not be administered more than one dosage form of it within 24 hrs. It may create a sign and symptoms of overdose like loss of vision and pain in muscles, back and neck.

There are no chances of missing or skipping any dose of it because it is administered prior to having the sexual conception. 

What are the safety measures employing during the medication?

Some safety measure employed during the medication to get effective result from it and reduces the risk of side effects of the dosage form. These safety measures are:

  • Avoid high fatty diet along with the medication.
  • Don't administer along with nitrate based drugs like Amyl nitrate.
  • Avoid alcohol or grapefruit juices in between the medication. 

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