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Generic HCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

This medicine is a hormonal pill that helps in normal egg development inside women’s ovary. This also causes stimulation of an ovulation cycle and results in a release of an egg. This medicine helps in prevention of infertility and accelerates the sperm count in men. This is also used in young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped down in the scrotum.

HCG adheres up to LHCG receptors that are inside an ovary. This helps in maintaining corpus luteum at the start of your pregnancy. Therefore, it enables the release of progesterone hormone during the first trimester and enriches thickening of the uterus for enabling fetus growth and development.

To induce an ovulation, start 5000-10,000 units through an IM route, once per day, following the last day of menotropins.

Prior to use of this medicine, this should never be taken in certain conditions:

  • When you have a hormone-related cancer.
  • When you are under an early puberty.
  • When you have an allergic reaction to its components.

Some specific safety ideas to follow are as:

  • Do not use in larger or longer than told by your doctor.
  • Do not self-inject this medicine when you do not know the exact way.
  • Dispose of the needles after each usage.
  • After each use, throw away your needles.

When you have following conditions such as ovarian cysts, thyroid gland disorder, heart disorder, bleeding disorder, epilepsy, migraines, uterine bleeding, premature puberty, asthma, and heart disorder, you may require dose adjustment.

Common found out aftereffects are as a headache, breast tenderness, swelling, restlessness, irritation, depression, weight gain, pain, swelling, and irritation at the site of injection.

This medicine is to be stored at a proper place away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Keep it at a place that is away from small children reach. This should not be refrigerated.

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