Tadalafil is utilized in the management of erection problems. It is available in different doses of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg, which comes under the trade name of Tadaga, Tadagra and Tadacip. It is an FDA approved drug, hence it is secure and useful to use.

Erectile dysfunction is the helplessness to obtain and maintain an erection firm enough for desired physical intercourse. Sometimes, difficulty in getting an erection occurs occasionally like when you have had too much alcohol or you do not find your partner attractive. This is not called erectile dysfunction as it is not a continuous problem. But, if you are facing this problem for a prolonged period of time, then it is a case of ED.

Erectile dysfunction can cause strain, affect your self-assurance and add to relationship problems. ED can also be a sign of underlying medical disorder, therefore it need proper management.  Men do not like to talk about their feelings openly and when they have ED, it becomes more difficult for them to talk about their situation as they feel embarrassed.

Therefore along with oral drug therapy, psychotherapy should be provided to the sufferers of erectile dysfunction so that they can have an honest conversation about this situation with their partners and mend their relationship.

Tadacip is an oral PDE type 5 inhibitor. Erectile dysfunction usually happens by the action of an enzyme in the corpus cavernosum, which lessens the blood flow through the male sexual organ. This enzyme is cGMP specific and metabolizes the cGMP present in the male genitalia. By this the contraction of blood vessels happens and the flow of blood is reduced. Therefore, erection does not happen. Tadacip helps in increasing the blood flow and hence, getting a firm erection that lasts longer.

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Treatment with medication can also be supported by improving the lifestyle as many a times the reason behind ED is unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle. Quitting smoking, decreasing the intake of alcohol, doing regular physical exercises, eating a diet containing fewer amounts of fatty acids, etc. can help in the management of ED. 

There are many drugs that are contraindicated with Tadaga like fluconazole, terazosin, silodosin, anti-malarial, anti-viral, nitrates and its derivatives, ciprofloxacin, etc as if Tadaga is taken with these medications, it can lead to relentless interactions.

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It is available in the form of a pill, which is to be ingested orally with a glass of water. Take it 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse and get a firm erection that carry on for 36 hours. It is due to this property it is also called weekend pill. Do not take two doses of this drug in 24 hours as it can result in hurtful effects.

Unfavorable effects of Tadalafil are hearing or eye problems; nausea; vomiting; priapism or prolonged erection; vertigo; tiredness; hypersensitivity reactions like skin complaints, redness; etc.

Precautions for Tadagra are mentioned below:-

  • It is only for men with erectile dysfunction and is not for women or children.
  • ED drugs can lead to dizziness and drowsiness; therefore they should not be taken with alcohol as it can potentiate these effects.
  • It is to be utilized with caution in cases where the patient is suffering from the disorders of kidney and liver.
  • If the patient is allergic to Tadalafil or other ED drugs, then its use should be avoided as  it can lead to hypersensitive reactions;

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