There can be any reason for low libido of women. It is displeasing for a man when he is dissatisfied with her female partner. Both partners should be sensually compatible to have full fun and pleasure. Incompatibility will result in emotional trauma. Do not let sensual dysfunction affect your relationships.

Some women find sensual stuff painful and does not find interest in the sensual activity. This lack of libido is because of insufficient sensual hormones.

Some common causes of lack of libido are as low testosterone, age, medications, mental problems, interpersonal relationship issues. TO PUT BACK SENSUAL DESIRE IN WOMEN START USING LADYGRA 100mg. This medicine is effective in improving your sensual drive. A woman will feel the ultimate pleasure and sensations after taking this medicine.

This medicament helps in accelerating the sensual vigor, sensual needs, and sensual urge among women. You must take it through an oral route only. When a woman loses her vigor and libido, this is a huge barrier for satisfaction. A woman may be unable to gratify her partner and also herself. This medicine will help in incorporating the sensual urge and libido among women. After using this medicine, she can live the best sensual movements with her partner.

The most active part of this medication is Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil Citrate is classified as phosphodiesterase enzyme prohibitor class. This enzyme deals to degrade down cGMP present in the genital region. When a female genital region has less count of cGMP, there will less libido. Sildenafil induces the stop in function of an enzyme PDE5 and hence accelerates the cGMP count in genital region. Greater the count, greater will be the vasodilation process and thus, fast blood circulates through vessels. This fast blood flow will put forth the sensual side. The women will feel the increase in stimulation in genitals.

These doses of this medicine is available as 100-mg. One needs to ingest single tablet along with ample water before 50-60 minutes of intimacy session. The action starts soon within 30 minutes of its use and the action lengthens for about 4-5 hours duration. One needs to intake it orally via adequate water. One can take it with or without meals.

Contradictory points:

  • Disallow using it when you are consuming Nitrate drugs
  • Disallow using it when having any sensitivity towards this medicine
  • Disallow the use when your age lies below 18 years

*Safety tips:

  • Be away from use of high fatty food, as this alters the rate of absorption of the drug and lowers the drug effect.
  • Females prone to cardiac problem should use it only after doctor advice.
  • Alcohol and grapefruit juice should be stopped as they interact and bring unwanted ill effects.
  • Probability of heavy dizziness is there so run from activities that are cumbersome.
  • Do store it away from direct sunlight, and moisture. Keep away from children's reach.

Sick effects that may arise after using this medicine are facial flushing, muscle pain, seizures, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, dyspepsia, acid reflex, blocked nose, swelling in your hands or feet, and shortness of breath. 

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