Pain signal is like your body's red light system. Pain conveys you something is incorrect. When any part of your body is damaged or injured, nerves in that region release chemical impulses. These nerves act such as miniature telephone wires and transfer these impulses to your nervous system where they are recognized as pain. For instance, if you mistakenly touch a hot stove, the pain impulse gives a jerk to your hand to stop additional injury. This type of pain is beneficial as it is your body's way of defending you from further injury.

Pain varies:

Everyone shows a different reaction to pain. For example, arthritis pain; your neighbor with the same type of arthritis may be undergoing a different intensity of pain. Thus, people react in a different way to their pain due to many reasons. Even your own level of pain can vary from time to time. However, there are no easy solutions or mystic remedies to dismiss arthritis pain.

Billions of people worldwide live with some type of pain. The most common kinds of pain may include a toothache or a headache, which can be treated without difficulty with medicines known as pain killers or analgesics if it’s a little tougher. Many people find natural remedies like massage, stress relieving exercises like gentle stretching exercises, yoga or meditation and hot or cold water bath can give them much pain relief, particularly for stressed muscles.

But none of these natural remedies will work if you are suffering from high intensities of pain like moderate or severe pain. In this case you should start taking a quick and fast-acting consistent analgesic such as Tramadol, which our site provides you. This medicine comes under the brand name of Ultram.

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The approved dosage strength of Generic Tramadol or Ultram is 50 mg. Take another dose after every 4 to 6 hours.  If you are not tolerating this drug very well, you can initiate with 25 mg. Subsequently, you can shift to a dose of 50 mg, again 4 times per day. Swallow each tablet whole, without breaking or chewing it. It is also available in various strengths specifically 100mg or 200mg. The maximum daily tolerable dose of this drug is 400 mg.

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As like any other medicine, there are a number of likely risks, warning signs or side effects associated with this medicine too, that patients need to be alert of before starting to consume it. Ultram can cause allergic reactions like shortness of breath, redness and swelling of your tongue, face, lips, or throat. This drug can also cause hallucinations, fever, and nausea, and vomiting, fast heart rate, loss of coordination, fainting, diarrhea, and weak pulse.

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Tell your physician your medical history, particularly:

  • seizure complaints
  • liver disorder
  • lung illness
  • kidney disease
  • any hypersensitivities or allergies you may have
  • drug or alcohol dependency
  • Limit the intake of alcohol along with Tramadol or Ultram as it may add to the drowsy or dizzy effects caused by this medicine. As this medication makes you sleepy, use a proper caution in performing tasks demanding watchfulness such as operating heavy machinery or driving.
  • This drug should be prescribed only to a pregnant women when clearly needed approved by your doctor, else this drug is unsafe for a pregnant or breast-feed woman.
  • Do not give this drug to children less than 16 years of age without the consent of a physician. 

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