Planning for an outing or visiting any historical place or going for vacation and worried for insect bites also?? To make you tension free and give freedom from unnecessary worry, Eurax, a generic cream is now available at pharmacy stores. For your convenience, you can also get this excellent cream from online pharmacy stores.

With this cream, you can treat scabies that is a skin infection and is caused due to insect bites. When mites or insect bites on your skin, you will feel irritation and in turn you will get itchiness and small bumps or blister appears that is filled with pus. Now you do have to worry with such bites. When you apply Eurax cream for treating scabies, use it on the whole body than only on infected area. Doing so will kill mites and you will get relief from itching and other skin infection. Buy Eurax Cream and carry along with you whenever you are planning to go to such places as it is very light in weight.

Normally, generic Eurax cream is considered to be safe for treating scabies. However, there are chances that you might get irritation due to other skin problem that you already have then discontinue it. Avoid its application to the eye as you might suffer from irritation. 

You should apply generic Eurax twice or thrice within 24 hours. Do not take shower before 48 hours of applying the cream. If you are using the cream for children of age three years, apply it only once in a day. A very special care that this medicine requires during its applied is avoidance near eyes, cuts or wounds. In other words, you should avoid the use of generic Eurax cream near such places.

With this wonderful cream, you can treat skin irritation that occurs because of allergic rashes, chickenpox, heat rash, eczema, etc. You can buy generic Eurax cream online with different names such as Crotamiton, Euracin and many more. There are various pharmaceutical companies that manufacture this cream such as Ranbaxy, Novartis, Green Cross, etc.

Protect your cream from heat, light and moisture and always store it in such a place where children and pet should not reach. It is suggested to you to check the expiry date of the medicine before using it.

Once you have applied this cream, you can repeat it after 24 hours. If you are using this generic cream to treat the itching problem then gently apply a thin layer of cream into the affected area till gets absorbed in it. Just in case if you miss any dose then it’s better to consult with your dermatologist. Accidently, if the cream gets ingested into your mouth, your mind suffers from problems such as inflammation in the mouth, throat, abdominal pain, vomiting, burning sensation, etc. due to the overdose of the medicine. 

The immunity of the person varies from another. Therefore, some people might suffer from side effects while some might not get any unusual changes after the application of generic Eurax. In general, some common side effects of the medicines are redness in skin, skin irritation, allergic reactions, etc.

It is always better that you check the entire ingredients before using the cream. If you find that any ingredient that might cause allergies to your skin, then speaks to your medical advisor right at that point of time. For more information, please feel free to visit our website at