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Imitrex is used for treating migraine headache. It is used for treating that migraine headache that has already started. Imitrex does not prevent common headache or headache that is not related to migraine. In addition to tis, Imitrex do not reduce the number of attacks.

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Brand Name - Advil

Generic Name - Ibuprofen

Imitrex 100mg or Sumatriptan is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug that is used for treating migraine headache. This drug is not beneficial for the pain that arises due to common tension.

Imitrex functions effectively and narrow the blood vessel that is present around the brain. Not only this, Our offered Imitrex also helps in reducing the substances that triggers pain, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound.

The molecular weight of Sumatriptan is 413.5 and has empirical formula C14H21N3O2S•C4H6O4. Sumatriptan is a white to off-white coloured powder and is readily soluble in water & saline. The inactive ingredients present in the tablet if Imitrex are dibasic calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, iron oxide, triacetin, hypromelliose, etc.

Imitrex is marketed under different trade name such as Imigran. Treximet, etc.

Imitrex is used for treating the headache that is caused due to migraine. It is important to remember that Imitrex is used for treating that migraine headache that has already started. However, it does not reduce the number of attacks. Imitrex is not helpful in treating pain that is caused due to movement on one side of the body or any other type of headache that is not caused due to migraine.

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Brand Name - Advil

Generic Name - Ibuprofen

Imitrex is given to patients as per their body requirement. Few patients show effective result in very small dose in short span of time while other might require little high dose and take longer time for the desired result.

Few patients need only 50mg of the dose while few require 100mg and shows perfect desired result within notified time-frame. Therefore, different person shows different response for same drug.

The maximum dose for Imitrex should not exceed more than 200mg in a day. In case, the patient who is not showing good sign of recovery even after taking 100mg of the dose, 150 mg of Imitrex can be given to them at an interval of two hours.

Brand Name - Advil

Generic Name - Ibuprofen

Few patients taking Imitrex get pain, their jaw, neck and throat become tight. Sometime the user of Imitrex might feel pain in chest, nausea, fever, sweating and often the pain starts spreading to the arm and shoulder.

Patient should always observe the result of the medicine they take and if they feel any unwanted change than usual, they must consult their medical advisor. Few patients show allergic reaction after the intake of Imitrex such as breathing problem, swelling in lips, face, etc. Before the conditions of the patients get worse, they must call and consult doctor.

At times, patients show numbness on one side of the body, blurred vision, confused and might show headache when they are taking Imitrex.

Brand Name - Advil

Generic Name - Ibuprofen

Some patients might have any medical record of disease related to heart, bold circulation, hypertension, high blood pressure, pain in chest, etc. they must consult the doctor before starting Imitrex medicine.

Imitrex must be given with care to the patient to the patients who is suffering from any disease that might alter the absorption and metabolism of the already using drug so that it does not hamper the required result.

In case, the patients had suffered from epilepsy, Imitrex should be given to them with utmost care and precaution so as to avoid any adverse condition that might arise.

If the patient is suffering from any allergy, they should tell about this to their doctor before starting Imitrex. Sometimes, the inactive ingredients present in the Imitrex tablet may also cause allergic reaction to the patient. In such case, they must contact to medical advisor.