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Quick Overview

Flonase (Fluticasone) is an effective medication for nasal allergies and asthma symptoms. This drug is classified as corticosteroid that directly works on the nasal passages to decrease swelling and irritation and provide relief from itching, runny or stuffy nose, postnasal drop and sneezing. You can purchase Flonase from Drug Pill Store at a cheap price.
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General Indications

Flonase is used to manage allergic symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis, hay fever, along with perennial rhinitis. Other than this, Flonase is an effective treatment for managing inflammation caused by asthma and prevents symptoms of wheezing and shortness of breath.

Pharmacological Class

Flonase contains Fluticasone propionate as active medicinal ingredient form the medication class known as corticosteroids.

Work Mechanism

Corticosteroids are the mimics of naturally occurring chemicals secreted by the adrenal gland to control various vital tasks in human body including responses to inflammation sensations due to external stimulators. Hence, the medications of this class are considered as trusted treatment for managing variety of allergic reactions which also include sinus pain.

General Information

»        Usually, this medication takes a time period of 2 to 3 days to show its full effect on the patient’s symptoms depending on his condition. The renowned giant of pharmacy industry, GlaxoSmithKline currently trades fluticasone propionate as Flovent in USA and Canada.

»        This nasal spray should not be used by anyone who has any injury inside the nose or have gone through any nose surgery recently.

»        This medication is not safe to be used in pediatric patient younger than 4 years of age.

»        To get meaningful treatment from this drug, use it according to prescription.


»        Allergies to the medicine

»        Untreated lung infection

»        Injuries inside nose

Most Common Side Effect

»        Runny nose

»        Nose irritation

Must do

  • Tag along to your treatment for recommended duration.
  • Inform your prescriber about your current health condition especially, if you have existing or history of any disease or long term illness.
  • Inform your prescriber if you have any food allergies or hypersensitivities to any medicine.
  • Use only the recommended dosages for a limited period of time, overdose or taking extra doses may interfere the ultimate target result of health gain.
  • Keep your all medication away from moisture and direct sunlight. Store all medication at a cool, dry place and away from the reach of children and pets.

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  • Adults and pediatric patients (older than 12 years of age): Normally, this population is recommended to take 2 sprays of Flonase in each nostril once per day. Though, dosages may be increased depending on the patient’s condition but it should not be exceed the maximum daily dose of 4 sprays in each nostril. For example in some cases of severe rhinitis patient are often given 2 sprays in each nostril twice daily doses to recover health.
  • For pediatric patients (between 4 to 11 years) are frequently recommended to have 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril once daily to get rid of symptoms of allergic rhinitis which may be increased up to 2 sprays in each nostril daily. It is the maximum limit of using Flonase in this population.
  • Before using Flonase nasal spray, shake well your medication and also clear your nostrils before each use.
  • Do not share your spray with anyone as it can pass allergens.
  • To get most out of your treatment, it is important that you should use this medication regularly according to your prescription.
  • Tag along to your instructions and do not use extra dosages or spray more often as it can arouse symptoms of overdose and make your condition worse.
  • In case of miss dose, use the spray as soon as you recall it or skip the missed dose and continue with the next dose.
  • Keep your spray at a moisture free and hygienic place. 

Generally, Flonase nasal spray does not cause any side effects if used according to the prescription instructions carefully. If you got any of these adverse and unwanted reactions or anything else unusual that seems troublesome after using nasal spray, contact your doctor:

  • burning or dryness inside the nose
  • irritation inside the nose
  • headache
  • runny nose
  • sneezing after using the spray
  • sore throat

In very few cases severe medical conditions due to Flonase nasal spray use are also reported which includes:

  • bloody nasal mucus
  • eye pain
  • blurred vision
  • unexplained nosebleeds
  • white patches or sores inside nose or throat

In such condition patient should rush for medical help immediately and should not use the spray further until medical re-consultation. In case of severe allergic reaction due to this nasal spray following symptoms may occur:

  • sudden wheezing
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain or tightness
  • hives
  • swelling of the face, lips, or eyes

Stop taking Flonase if any of the above allergic symptoms occur and meet your doctor right away.

  • Fluticasone propionate nasal spray is not safe option to be introduced in those patients who have any of these medical conditions:

»        allergies to fluticasone or to any other content of the medication, or

»        has medically untreated fungal, bacterial infection or tuberculosis infections of the lungs.

  • Patient with following medical conditions are required to use this medication with extreme caution and under the supervision of an expert medical professional:
  • Patient is already taking ketoconazole or ritonavir like medicines for other health benefits as there may an interaction between Flonase and these drugs.
  • Patient is pregnant as this may possibly harm the growth and well being of the fetus.
  • Patient is breast-feeding an infant as fluticasone propionate may pass into breast milk and affect the health of your baby.
  • Patient is under 4 years of age as safety and effectiveness of Flonase is not recognized in this population. Additionally, fluticasone propionate nasal spray is not permitted as a safe option for long term treatment for children less than 12 years of age.