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Flunarizine, being generic medicine, is useful in treating the attack that is causes due to migraine. It also helps in reduction of paralysis attack. Our offered Flunarizine can be availed by our renowned clients by placing an order online.

We supply Flunarizine to the clients at their door step at low price.

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Brand Name - Flunarizine

Generic Name - Sibelium

Flunarizine is a non-selective calcium entry blocker and belong to the class of drug known as calcium channel blocker. This drug is useful in reducing the severity of the paralysis attack. Flunarizine is also used in treating migraine, occlusive peripheral vascular disease, etc. Flunarizine was discovered in 1968 at Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Flunarizine or Sibelium is useful in treating and preventing headache that arises due to migraine. Not only this, Flunarizine is also useful in decreasing theoccurrence and harshness of attacks.

However, this Flunarizine is not helpful for long attacks. Flunarizine is useful for treating vestibular vertigo problem that occurs due to functional disorder of vestibular system.

Flunarizine works by inhibiting the influx of calcium that is present extracellularly via pores of myocardial and vascular membrane by plugging the channel physically. Also, the intracellular calcium decreases resulting in the inhibition of contractile processes of smooth muscle cells. This causes the dilation of the coronary and systemic arteries, increament in the oxygen delivery to the myocardial tissue, total peripheral resistance, systemic blood pressure decreases.

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Brand Name - Flunarizine

Generic Name - Sibelium

Flunarizine is given 10mg to a normal adult dose daily in the evening. The patient can take Flunarizine with food or without food. The dose of for the Flunarizine depends on the needs, body weight and their medical background, if any. For better and effective result of the Flunarizine, patient should take their dose as suggested by the doctor and should miss any dose.

Few medicines take time to show its result. Similarly, Flunarizine also takes some time therefore, the patients should not leave their medicine thinking that it is not showing its result. Flunarizine should not be stopped by the patients within 1st to 8th weeks of medication. Sometimes, the patients misses their dose, in that case, they should take this missed dose as soon as they remember it.

However, if it’s time for the scheduled second dose, they should skip the missed dose and take the regular scheduled dose. It is very important to remember that the patient should not take double dose to make up the missed dose.

Brand Name - Flunarizine

Generic Name - Sibelium

Side effects are the unwanted response that a person gets other than the normal response after taking the medicine. Flunarizine also shows side effects in few patients while other does not. This side effect varies from mild to severe and temporary to permanent.

Patient taking Flunarizine can feel drowsiness, constipation, diarrhoea, dizziness and dryness of the mouth. Some may feel light-headedness, headache, sudden increase in weight, nausea, weakness and unusual tiredness.

Some of the serious side effects that the patients might get after the intake of Flunarizine includes swelling of gums, difficulty in breathing, coughing, pain in chest, depression, patient might become faint, rashes in the skin, stiffness of arm or legs, ankles, feet gets swelled, trouble in speaking , unusual secretion of milk from breast and shuffling walk.

Brand Name - Flunarizine

Generic Name - Sibelium

Patients should take Flunarizine with proper precaution as it may cause extrapyramidal, depressiveness and Parkinson disease.

The patient should not take more dose of Flunarizine than suggested by the doctor and during the course of the treatment; they should not miss their dose.

If female patients have any medical record of illness, depressiveness, they should explain about this to the doctor. If a patient take higher dose then recommended, it may get accumulated and can cause serious problem. Therefore, the patients never take more doses.

Few patients may get fatigue while taking Flunarizine. In such cases, the patient should leave this medicine and consult the doctor. Since Flunarizine contains lactose monohydrate, therefore patients who have problem in tolerating galactose, glucose-galactose malabsorbtion should not take this generic Flunarizine.