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Infertility Therapy

Infertility Therapy

A couple is said to be infertile when they are unable to “conceive” after having unprotected intercourse. It may be possible that man is unable to make his woman conceive or that a woman is unable to conceive. In the U.S. about 10 % of women whose age are between 15 to 44 years are facing trouble in conceiving.  All over the world, 8 to 12 percent of women were facing fertility issues. In which 45 to 50 % of cases are supposed to happen because of men. It is supposed that women fertility declines slowly with age, it is evaluated that women whose age is more than 35 years face more difficulty in getting pregnant. Women require working ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes for becoming pregnant. Incorrect ovulation can also contribute to infertility. The improper functioning of ovaries or presence or absence of ovulation can also contribute to “infertility”.

Couples who are infertile may go through tremendous of emotions daily. Seeing the negative pregnancy test, again and again, can surely heartbreaking for many women, even they did not tell it but believe it is! Infertility not only affects physically but has negative effects as well like it influences self-esteem; with couples who once have well-planned life suddenly feels that they lost their control of their destiny. Body starts failing in responding as expected, it feels like life has paused and to face the disappointment, failure in conceiving every month. It surely is depression for both of partners.

Infertility issue can easily be treated with the use of anti-infertility therapy like Pregnyl, Hucog, Ovidac, Corion, and Fertigyn. You can place an order for these brands from our online drugstore at nominal pricing with quick delivery at your doorway.

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