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Lasix or Furosemide is an approved medicine to treat high blood pressure in patients. This is a loop diuretic or water pill that is helpful for preventing your body from engrossing extra salt by making more urine so that body can throw out the extra salt and water. Furosemide is also used to treat the problem of fluid retention (edema) in people suffering with the problem of congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney chaos. Users can buy this effective medicine from Drug Pill store at very good price.
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90 Tablets Lasix 40MG - Generic $11.99 $0.13
180 Tablets Lasix 40MG - Generic $23.99 $0.13
30 Tablets Frusemide 100mg $10.99 $0.37
90 Tablets Frusemide 100mg $32.99 $0.37
Furosemide is a useful medicine that is used for the treatment of a number of problems. Furosemide is related to class of drugs called diuretics and the sub-class is called loop diuretics that take out water from the body by raising the quantity of urine the kidneys make. This medicine is also called water tablets. This medicine is also used to treat fluid growth (oedema) owing to heart failure; in this condition fluid accumulates in the body as the heart is not pumping blood around the body normally. Furosemide can also be used to treat other conditions causing fluid to build up in the body like firm liver and kidney chaos, and it is also useful in the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension. This drug will help to fluid accumulation and the relief of high blood pressure. It controls the high blood pressure (hypertension) that is unwilling to treatment with an antihypertensive drug alone.

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This medicine must be used under the direction of your doctor. You must avoid the overdose of it. If overdose is taken by you just contact to your doctor immediately or else it may cause a serious problem for you.
Users may experience some side effects like headache, dizziness, slow or irregular heartbeats, fainting, feeling short of breath, inflammation of your ankles or feet. If these conditions continue for long time or get worse, talk to your doctor without delay.
You must use this medication regularly to get the most of it. You should use it at the similar time every day. Do not give this medicine to some else who also has same signs or problem or else it will be dangerous for that person to use this medicine without the suggestion of the doctor.