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Latanoprost Eye Drops

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Latanoprost Eye Drops

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Latanoprost eye drop is the ophthalmic preparation which is used to protect or heal the eye from glaucoma. This eye drop is also used to fall the pressure inside the eye. This eye drops belongs to the type of prostaglandin F2α analogue. This is used topically in the eyes. This eye drop is very low in cost.

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Latanoprost eye drop is a prostaglandin F2α analogue which is used in the fall of action of glaucoma as well as it diminishes the high pressure which is present in the eyes. This eye drop is transparent in colour which is not soluble in the water. This eye drop contains Latanoprost as the main compound. This eye drop has Latanoprost in high quantity as 50 mg/ml. It decreases the injury of the optical nerves by falling the intraocular pressure. It exerts their action by improving the outflow of aqueous liquid from the eyes.


The active constituent present in this eye drop is Latanoprost which is a prostaglandin analogue and used as a therapy for healing of glaucoma and high pressure in the eyes.


Latanoprost eye drop is used in the healing of open angle type glaucoma or ocular hypertension. This eye drop is also used to reduce the high pressure and protect the eyes from blindness.


Procedures for using this eye drops are given below:

  • Before using this eye drop wash your hands.
  • Shake well before using this eye drops.
  • Look upward and put one droplet into the eye and close in 2 to 3 minutes.
  • If two droplets are put into one eye then closed your eye for 5 minutes.
  • Finger is located near the nose and press gently.
  • Close the eye drop tightly after using it.
  • Don’t rub the eyes.


In some states this eye drop is dangerous to the patients. This state is if the patients are hypersensitivity with the ant elements present in the Latanoprost eye drops.


Some drugs which block increase or decrease the action of this eye drop when we used them together. These drugs are Bimatoprost and any Herbal products.


This eye drop should be placed in a dry and cool place. Keep this eye drop away from the direct sunlight, heat and moisture. This eye drop should be stored at a room temperature between 15C to 30C but if the eye drop is sealed then placed it in the freezer.

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The dosage of Latanoprost eye drops is using one eye drops in the damage eyes. Use this eye drop when you go to the sleep.


Consume the missed dose as soon as possible. Don’t take two or more doses at a time.


When you consume this eye drops more than one times in a day then you face some signs like pain in the eyes, changes in the number of eyelashes, discomfort in the eyelid, and sensation like some solid particle present in the eyes. In this case immediately tell to the doctor. 

Some side effects of Latanoprost eye drops are colour of iris gets changed, discomfort in the eyes, vision gets blurred, redness of eyes is occurring, the changes in the eyelids, the eyelashes get increased or decreased, eyes gets swollen, burning and irritating of the eye, light sensation is also occurring and eye become dry. 

Before using this eye drop some cautions should be taken, which are given below:

  • If your eyes become inflamed to the Latanoprost then not used it.
  • If your vision is blurred then don’t rub your eyes.
  • During using this eye drop don’t drive because it may cause dizziness.
  • The patients using any other eye drops then after or before 10 minutes you used the Latanoprost eye drop.
  • If the patient is wearing contact lenses then exclude it and after 15 minutes used this Latanoprost eye drop.