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Librium-Chlordiazepoxide 25mg

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Librium is the oral medication which is used to provide relaxation to the muscles. This medicine is very harmless and active to provide relief from the pain. It contains Chlordiazepoxide hcl as the chief constituent. This medication is also helping to provide relief from the serious or light weight.

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This medication is used to cure from the anxiety, muscle relaxant. It has a Chlordiazepoxide as a main compound which belongs to the family of Benzodiazepines. This medication acts as their action by blocking the action of nerves which goes to the brain and produce pain in the muscles. This medication is only acting on the nerves and brain. 


In some conditions Librium is not taken to the patients, these conditions are mentioned below:

  • This medication is not prescribed those patients who are hypersensitive with the elements which is present in the Librium 25 mg.
  • Do not use this medication if you are suffering from these medical reactions like psychosis, narrow-angle glaucoma, mental state is abnormal and liver or kidney damage.
  • If you are consuming any medication which contain sodium oxybate.
  • Do not consume this medication if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding because it is harmful for both born and unborn babies.
  • If the patient is taking other medication for the muscles relaxant then no need to take this medication.


Some drugs which are not recommended with the Librium 25 mg because these drugs can increase decrease or block the action of the Librium 25 mg. the list of these medications are mentioned below:

Fluoxetine, Nefazodone and Fluvoxamine are the example of Antidepressants, anti-ulcer like Cimetidine, antipsychotic drugs like Clozapine, Chlorpromazine, cardiac glycosides like Digoxin, antihistamines like Diphenhydramine, Pain relief like Codeine, anti-seizure drugs like Carbamazepine, and some Tranquilizers and cough and cold medications is also interacting with the Librium 25 mg.


Librium 25 mg is stored at the room temperature. Protect it from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Keep this medication in airtight container and place this medication in the dry and clean place.

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The dosage of the Librium 25 mg is depending on the age or disorder of the patients which are mentioned below:

For the Adult:

  • Suffering from anxiety disorder take 5 mg or 10 mg thrice time in a day
  • Suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and less the anxiety disorder consumes 20 mg to 25 mg thrice a day.
  • For the geriatric patients consume 5 mg twice or four times in a day.

For padiatric patients (under 6 years old):

Consume 5 mg medication in twice or quadric times in one day, the maximum dose is 10 mg.


In the case of overdose you can face some problems like disturbance occurs in the heartbeat, feel sleepy, severe headache, not able to learn more things, unable to stand properly, feeling of vomiting and may be coma conditions is also occur. In such situations immediately inform to the doctor.


In the case of missed dose take it as soon as possible, but do not consume two doses at the same time in a day. 

Some side effects of the Librium 25 mg are sleepiness, ataxia, not able to learn more things, misperception; disturbance occurs during the menstrual cycle, feeling of nausea, colour of skin and eyes gets changed, kidney or liver damage, blood counts get reduced, EEG patterns get changed, constipation, agranulocytosis, blood dyscrasias, edema is also caused, rashes, itching has also occurred on the skin and it also caused syncope.

Before recommended this medication take some precautions as given below:

  • Do not drive while you take this medication.
  • Consuming alcohol is prohibited because it produces dizziness.
  • Do not take this medication if you are taking any other birth control pills.