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Librium-Chlordiazepoxide  25mg

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Librium-Chlordiazepoxide 25mg

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Quick Overview

The Librium is No. 1 medication recommended for the Anxiety treatment. The medication belongs to benzodiazepines class of drugs. It works by producing the calming effect in the CNS thus is effective Anxiety and depression management medication. 

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About Librium

The Librium is No. 1 medication recommended for the Anxiety treatment. The medication belongs to benzodiazepines class of drugs. It works by producing the calming effect in the CNS thus is effective Anxiety and depression management medication.

Therapeutic Benefits of Librium are as under

  1. Anxiety treatment
  2. Management of Acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  3. Relieve fear before surgery
  4. Depression treatment

Working action of Librium-Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets

The Chlordiazepoxide is the generic constituent present in the Librium. It results in the decrease in the nervous tension and muscle spasm. It acts as an CNS depressant that works as an sedative and hypnotic agent.

Ideal Dosage of Librium against various ailments –

Librium is the best medication for the treatment of anxiety and depression. 25mg is the ideal strength to start with the treatment. It gives prompt results and is approved by the FDA for it’s over the counter use.

  1. Mild to Moderate anxiety - 5 mg or 10 mg, 3 or 4 times daily
  2. Severe anxiety disorders - 20 mg or 25 mg, 3 or 4 times daily
  3. Preoperative Apprehension - 50 to 100 mg just one hour prior to surgery
  4. For alcohol withdrawal symptoms - Initial dose is 50 to 100 mg in repeated dosage until agitation is controlled.

The maximum per day dosage is 300 mg. Follow your doctor’s prescription for its rightful use. Important Note - Librium is a habit forming medication; so do not stop its usage abruptly. It may cause severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Drug Interaction of Librium-Chlordiazepoxide 25mg

Use of certain drugs is contraindicated with the Librium such as Rifampin, Azole derivatives like Miconazole, Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Amitriptyline, sodium oxybate, Hydantoin, Phenytoin, Haloperidol, Amoxapine and Imipramine. Tell your doctor about all types of herbal and prescription medication you are consuming to avoid any side effects.

Carefully use Librium by avoiding below mentioned side effects –

On the ill administration and over dosing Librium you may have to face some side effects such as faintness, constipation, lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth, indistinct vision, seizures, severe headache, and restlessness. Get help from your medic to control these side effects.

Note underlined Precautions to administer Librium-Chlordiazepoxide 25mg
  1. If you are allergic towards its generic constituent Chlordiazepoxide 25mg should not be consuming Librium. There are other alternative medications.
  2. Do not smoke or drink alcohol as it may induce severe dizziness that can reduce your work ability.
  3. Make sure to gradually reduce the Librium dosage when you are thinking to stop its regimen; otherwise it may cause the withdrawal symptoms.
  4. Do not perform any activity that demands alertness or any strenuous task as Librium use generally cause dizziness.
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The dosage of the Librium 25 mg is depending on the age or disorder of the patients which are mentioned below:

For the Adult:

  • Suffering from anxiety disorder take 5 mg or 10 mg thrice time in a day
  • Suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and less the anxiety disorder consumes 20 mg to 25 mg thrice a day.
  • For the geriatric patients consume 5 mg twice or four times in a day.

For padiatric patients (under 6 years old):

Consume 5 mg medication in twice or quadric times in one day, the maximum dose is 10 mg.


In the case of overdose you can face some problems like disturbance occurs in the heartbeat, feel sleepy, severe headache, not able to learn more things, unable to stand properly, feeling of vomiting and may be coma conditions is also occur. In such situations immediately inform to the doctor.


In the case of missed dose take it as soon as possible, but do not consume two doses at the same time in a day. 

Some side effects of the Librium 25 mg are sleepiness, ataxia, not able to learn more things, misperception; disturbance occurs during the menstrual cycle, feeling of nausea, colour of skin and eyes gets changed, kidney or liver damage, blood counts get reduced, EEG patterns get changed, constipation, agranulocytosis, blood dyscrasias, edema is also caused, rashes, itching has also occurred on the skin and it also caused syncope.

Before recommended this medication take some precautions as given below:

  • Do not drive while you take this medication.
  • Consuming alcohol is prohibited because it produces dizziness.
  • Do not take this medication if you are taking any other birth control pills.