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Melacare Cream 4%

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Melacare cream is the topical formulation, used in the treatment of Melanin pigment in the skin. Melacare cream is for only external use.  Hydroquinones, Tretinoin, Mometasone furoate are the main active ingredients present in the Melacare cream. Melanin is the pigment in the skin that gives a brown color. These components used to lighten area of darkened skin such as freckles, age spots and Melasma (tanning). 

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Melacare cream is used in the treatment of development of Melanin pigment in the skin. Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Mometasone are the main active medicaments found in the Melacare cream. Hydroquinone is the skin bleaching agent that is used to reduce area of darkened skin such as freckles, age spots, bad skin and Melasma (tanning).  Hydroquinone reduces the production of Melanosomes (melanin pigment) in the skin. It also inhibits the action of the Tyrosinase enzyme that makes Melanin pigments. Tretinoin helps in the treatment of Wrinkles (pimples). Mometasone 4% is a corticosteroid, which cures inflammation and swelling of the skin.

 Indications of Melacare cream 4%

  • Melacare cream helps to reduce the hyper pigmentation of the skin, reduces wrinkles, Melasma(tanning)
  • Melacare cream also used in the management of skin infection and inflammation.

 How to use Melacare cream 4%- Melacare is a topically used cream so it is generally applied to the skin. Melacare cream is used only in the affected area. Normally it is recommended for once in a day. To use Melacare cream just apply a thin layer of the cream on the skin, Allow the cream to dry. The period of using the Melacare cream depends on the severity of the formation of the Melanin pigment and can vary from individual to individual. Also wash your hands before and after using the Melacare cream. Do not use any bandage to cover it. Take your full course of medication. Avoid getting this cream on your lips or inside your nose and mouth. It causes deadness of these areas. 

Drug interactions of Melacare cream 4%

These are those drugs that amend the effects of Melacare cream when they are applying in combination;

  • Many medicines that interact with Melacare cream are Exubera, Diabeta, Glimepiride, Fortamet, Glipizide, Dymelor and Diabinese, Duetact.
  • Some Minerals, vitamins, herbal products, alcohol, and benzoic acid also interact with Melacare cream.

 Contraindications of Melacare cream 4%

 Under some medical situations Melacare cream should not be used;

  • In the patient who are oversensitive to hydroquinone or other constituents of the cream.
  • In the kids below 12 years of the age.
  • Melacare cream strictly contraindicated in wounded skin, burnt or cut or scratches on the skin.

Storage condition of Melacare cream 4%

The Melacare cream should be stored in following given conditions;

  • Recommended storage condition of Melacare cream is 15-300C.
  • Keep away from excessive heat, light and humidity.
  • Remain it tightly closed when not in use.
  • Put the cream in cool and dry place.

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Missed Dose of Melacare cream 4%

If the patient missed a dose of Melacare cream, apply when you remember.

If it gets the time for the next dose then skip it and go to the normal schedule.

Overdose of Melacare cream 4%

Being a topical formulation there is an about the irrelevant chances of overdosing. If it happens there will be no any life frightening symptoms.

  • Some serious adverse effects while applying Melacare cream are - swelling of face, skin rashes, and severe redness of the skin, burning sensation.
  • Common side effects of Melacare cream are- itching, irritation and redness of the skin.

Some precautions should be taken before using Melacare cream;

  • If the patient is allergic to hydroquinone then proper safety measure should be taken.
  • Avoid gets in contact with of Melacare cream with eyes, nose, mouth or vagina.
  • Do not apply any other cosmetics on your face while using Melacare cream.
  • Take some cautions while applying the Melacare cream in kids younger than 12 years of age.
  • Avoid make contact with sunlight because hydroquinone makes your skin more reactive to sunlight and may result sunburn. So, apply a sunscreen or wear a sun protecting clothes.
  • Do not use this cream on the busted skin; it may avoid the skin from healing.
  • Don’t use Melacare cream for a long episode of time because it interfere with the formation of natural adrenal corticoids hormones in the body.