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Singulair (Generic)

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Singulair (Generic)

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Quick Overview

Singulair generic (Montelukast sodium) is an apt treatment of prophylaxis and chronic attacks of asthma, and it also helps to reduce sign of hay fever and allergic rhinitis in patients who are older than 2 years of age. Drug has also shown better results in avoidance of Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction. This drug can also help to reduce the frequencies of using rescue inhaler in asthma patients. You can easily buy Singulair generic (Montelukast) from Drug Pill Store on a reasonable price.
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General Indications

Singulair generic (Montelukast) is a widely indicated treatment for seasonal allergic rhinitis and asthma. Drug is also used as a preventive measure to handle bronchospasm, the narrowing of airways due to exercise.

Pharmacological Class

Montelukast is the active ingredient present in Singulair, which is a leukotriene receptor antagonist.

Work Mechanism

These chemicals, leukotrienes promote the sensations of inflammation in asthma and seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients in human body. Leukotrines are naturally occurring substances formed by cells, secreted, and have a bonding property with other cells to cause inflammation. Montelukast acts quite similarly to zafirlukast (Accolate) which shows healing on inflammation symptoms by blocking the binding of some leukotrienes to the other cells.

General Information

Generally, this medication can be used in all populations, as a safe and effective treatment, except in pediatric patients younger than 6 months of age. It is an approved treatment by the FDA. Drug may take a period of 3 to 14 days to show its full effect on your inflammation symptoms; it should not be used for managing an acute asthmatic attack.


Patients who have shown hypersensitive responses to the active ingredient i.e. Montelukast, or to any other excipients of the medicine.

Most Common Side Effect

Stomach pain

Throat irritation

Must do

  • Tag along to your treatment for recommended duration.
  • Inform your prescriber about your current health condition especially, if you have existing or history of any disease or long term illness.
  • Inform your prescriber if you have any food allergies or hypersensitivities to any medicine.
  • Use only the recommended dosages for a limited period of time, overdose or taking extra doses may interfere the ultimate target result of health gain.
  • Keep your all medication away from moisture and direct sunlight. Store all medication at a cool, dry place and away from the reach of children and pets.

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Patients should take the required minimum dose of the drug for a limited period of time. Taking more than required dose or additional dose will not improve your condition faster but, could affect your overall health. In normal conditions, a dose of 10 mg of Montelukast is suggested in adult patients for treating asthma, allergic rhinitis and it should be taken two hours before exercising for helping patients to prevent bronchospasm induced due to exercise. Montelukast can be used with or without meals, generally in the evening for managing asthma or allergic rhinitis. Pediatric patients may be given 4 and 5 mg dose.

Like other medications Singulair oral also causes side effects in patients which are reported in post marketing studies. Though, it is not compulsory that you will suffer any of these unwanted effects on your health if you take Singulair oral for any medical benefit. Most of the patients do not get any severe side effect. Some frequently noticed less severe side effects includes:

  • Throat Irritation               
  • Acute sinus or throat infection,
  • Fever         
  • Head Pain 
  • Cough        
  • Middle Ear Infection
  • Inflammation of the Nose
  • Stuffy Nose       
  • Toothache
  • Dizzy           
  • Low Energy
  • Rash           
  • Diarrhea    
  • Stomach Cramps

Severe side effects, that needs to be handled medically at the earliest:

  • Abnormal Liver Function Tests, 
  • Nearsightedness,
  • Flu               
  • Bronchitis 
  • Skin Infection   
  • Intestines infection
  • Abnormal tiredness
  • Pink Eye
  • Pancreatitis       
  • Chickenpox       
  • Inflammation in the blood vessels due to allergic reaction
  • Pneumonia        
  • Erythema Multiforme   
  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis          
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome      
  • Hives          
  • Seizures    
  • Nosebleed         
  • Giant Hives        
  • Allergic Reaction caused by a Drug
  • Decreased Blood Platelets

Prior initiating treatment with Montelukast, following are some of the guidelines that you should not ignore associated with your drug:

  • It is very important that you should inform your doctor if you have any food or drug allergies, especially if you are sensitive to any of the drug ingredient to avoid allergic reactions on your health due to drug.
  • Also, include the details of your medical records in your discussion at the time of prescription. This becomes more important if you have any severe disease or surgery existing or had in past. This will also help your doctor to judge the safety of this drug according to your current prescriptions or adjust your dosages if needed. Do not forget to mention the following drugs if in use:

phenobarbital (Luminal, Solfoton)

rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane).


  • Patients with any liver disorder should take this drug with caution even if they had any disease of liver in past.
  • Similarly, pregnant females and those who are planning to conceive or are breast-feeding should also take this drug with caution. In case someone becomes pregnant during medication with Montelukast, immediately consultation with doctor is recommended.
  • This drug may also impact your mental health and cause symptoms of aggressive behavior, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, trouble in sleeping or staying sleep, uneasiness, and self harming or suicidal thoughts or actions. These kinds of symptoms should not be ignored. If you notice any change in your behavior, immediately contact your medical advisor to know whether you should take this drug further or not.