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Nicotex - Nicorette - Nicotine Chewing Gum

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Nicotex - Nicorette - Nicotine Chewing Gum

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Quick Overview

Ceasing smoking is very hard and you can successfully quit only when you commit to yourself to quit the smoking. Nicotine replacements medicines are to be used for the stoppage of smoking. Smoking causes lung ailment, cancer, and various heart disorders so it to be quit soon. Stopping cigarette is one of the mainly significant acts that is require to improve your health and live healthy. Use nicotine gum for the same.

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Nicotex Chewing Gum is intended to supply partial swap for the nicotine in cigarette smoke, which is alleged to be one of the most important factors in the stretching the habit of smoking. Nicotex Gum is anticipated to reduce the patients in opposition to the disturbances caused by the withdrawal symptoms. The active constituent contained in Nicotex gum is nicotine.

Indications of nicotine gum:

It is suggested to be used in ceasing the smoking habit.

Doses and how to use the nicotine gum:

The dosing schedule is given below:

  • Patients who are smoking more than 25 cigarettes in a day use 4 mg nicotine gum.
  • Patients who are smoking less than 25 cigarettes a day use 2 mg nicotine gum.
  • Week 1 to 6: one chewing gum daily after every 1-2 hours.
  • Week 7-9: one chewing gum daily after every 2-4 hours.
  • Week 10-12: One chewing gum after every 4-8 hours.

Side effects of nicotine chewing gum:

Side effects that can be experienced are hiccups; ulcers; head ache, etc.

Interactions of nicotine chewing gum:

While taking other medicines you have to be careful as there is chance of interactions between them. Drugs that can interact are-

  • Medicines that can be used in the treatment of the high blood pressure; beta blockers like Prazosin and bronchodilator like Phenylephrine.
  • Ceasing the smoking habit can alter the way it eliminates the drug from the body like caffeine, oxazepam, propoxyphene, theophylline, Imipramine, diuretics medicines, etc.


There is certain precaution that should be taken while the medication of the nicotine chewing gums:

  • It is to be used with caution in pregnant women.
  • If you are allergic to nicotine then do not use the medication.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol.
  • The use of the drug in patients with Raynaud’s disease, blood vessel disorder, stroke, dental problem, diabetes, heart diseases, pain in chest, renal disorder should be under the supervision of the physician.
  • Also it is not to be used by the lactating mother as it can pass into the breast milk.
  • Chew the gum in a slow manner otherwise it can cause the giddiness, anxiety, dejection and dilemma sleeping.

Storage condition of nicotine chewing gum:

Chewing gum is to be stored at room temperature. This medicine is to be kept away from the reach of the children. Protect it from the direct exposure to light, moisture and heat.

In case you missed a dose of nicotine then what to do?

In case you missed dose then consume it as soon as you think about it. If it is getting near to the instant for your next dose then bounce the missed dose and proceed with your normal time. Do not receive 2 doses at the same time or superfluous doses.

In case you are overdosed with nicotine then what to do?

In case you get overdosed with the medicine then contact your doctor at once. Symptoms of poisoning are breathless; chest stiffness; fever; burning; bad cough; skin color gets change; convulsions; or engorgement of face, lips, tongue, or throat. Patient gets very nervous and excitable. Skin gets irritated. 

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