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Ocufen is used for relieving inflammation, pain, discomfort of eye during an eye surgery and laser treatment. Ocufen prevents the constriction of pupil during an eye surgery.

It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product that works by blocking of prostaglandin.

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1 Bottle Flurbiprofen Ophthalmic Solution (.3mg/ml) 5ml Bottle $17.99 $17.99
3 Bottle Flurbiprofen Ophthalmic Solution (.3mg/ml) 5ml Bottle $50.99 $17.00

Brand - Ocufen

Generic - Flurbiprofen

Ocufen is a sterile, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product that is chemically known as (±)-2-(2-fluoro-4-biphenylyl) propionate dehydrate and is highly demanded eye drops.

Ocufen contain fiubiprofen sodium 0.03% as active ingredient and thimerosal (0.005%) as preservative. In addition to this, Ocufen also contain inactive ingredients which includes citric acid, edetate disodium, purified water, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide and sodium citrate. To adjust pH, hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide is used.

Ocufen is also known as Flubiprofen that works by blocking the action of an enzyme, cyclooxygenase that is required for the production of chemical in the body known as prostaglandin. This prostaglandin is produced in the body due to injury and certain disease that causes pain, swelling and inflammation. Now this Flubiprofen blocks the production of prostaglandin and hence reduces the pain and inflammation.

Flurbiprofen is used for relieving pain and swelling of the eye that is caused during an eye surgery or laser treatment/ This eye drop is used for preventing the pupil from getting small during an eye surgery. Prostaglandins might be released in the eye during an eye surgery that can result in the constriction of pupil. Since Flubiprofen stops the production of prostaglandin, this can be used before eye surgery to keep the pupil open during surgery of eye.

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Brand - Ocufen

Generic - Flurbiprofen

Before using Ocufen, the user should wash the hands and then tilt the head back. Then lower eyelid is pulled away from the eye to form a pouch like shape, using index finger. Now, the medicine is dropped into the pouch and eyes are closed gently.

Soon after, using finger, pressure is applied inside the corner of the eye for 1-2 min and should not blink. The excess medicines are removed around the eye using clean tissue and hands are washed to remove any medicine that might present on it.

The user of Ocufen should not let the applicator tip to touch to any surface else germs might contaminate the medicines. Ocufen drops should not be administered if the user is wearing contact lenses, In case, the user wants to use Ocufen drops for both the eyes, then they should use two different bottle to avoid the risk of passing an infection from eye to other, if present.

Brand - Ocufen

Generic - Flurbiprofen

Some patient might have minor or no side effects from Ocufen drop. The very common side effects are irritation in eye, eye pain, collection of blood in the front of the eye.

Few patients might have sensitivity of the eye to light, temporary burning, stinging of the eye.

Some patients might get severe allergic reaction such as tightness in the chest, bleeding of eye, vision changes, itching, redness, irritation, persistent burning, etc.

Brand - Ocufen

Generic - Flurbiprofen

If the patient is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the Ocufen drops, they should not use it. If the patient is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, they should consult doctor prior using Ocufen drops.

The patient must consult to the doctor if they are taking any prescription or non-prescription medicine, herbal preparation or dietary supplement.

In case the patient is allergic to any medicines, food, etc., they must tell about this to the doctor.

If the patient is having any bleeding problem, eye problem or had any complicated surgery, they should reveal about this to the doctor before the use of Ocufen eye drop.