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Osteoporosis is a condition described by a lessening in the thickness of bone, diminishing its quality and bringing about delicate bones. Osteoporosis truly prompts anomalous permeable bone that is compressible, similar to a wipe. This issue of the skeleton debilitates the bone and results in visit cracks (breaks) in the bones. Osteopenia, by definition, is a state of bone that is marginally less thick than typical bone yet not to the level of bone in osteoporosis.

Typical bone is made out of protein, collagen, and calcium, all of which give bone its quality. Bones that are influenced by osteoporosis can break (crack) with moderately minor damage that typically would not make a bone crack. The break can be either through splitting (as in a hip crack) or crumbling (as in a pressure break of the vertebrae of the spine). The spine, hips, ribs, and wrists are regular territories of bone breaks from osteoporosis despite the fact that osteoporosis-related cracks can happen in any skeletal bone.

Different types of medication available for treatment of Osteoporosis 

Fosamax, alendronate, Actonel, Prolia, Boniva, Calcium / vitamin, Forteo, calcium carbonate, Evista, Reclast, Caltrate, Atelvia, Caltrate, Citracal, Premarin, risedronate, Zometa, hydrochlorothiazide, ibandronate, Climara and denosumab

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