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We have gained a remarkable position in the industry by offering a distinguished assortment of Ovral L for our valuable clients. Ovral L contains Levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol and is known as oral contraceptive pill.

This is used to prevent pregnancy and known under different trade names such as Lessina, Lutera, Lybrel, etc.

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1 Disp LEVONORGESTREL & ETHINYL ESTRADIOL (.15/.03mg) $9.60 $9.60
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Owing to years of industrial experience and deep knowledge, we have been able to establish ourselves as prominent supplier of an impeccable range of Ovral L. It is a combination of two tablets named as Levonorgestrel 150 µg and Ethinyl estradiol 30 µg. Ovral L is an effective oral contraceptive tablet that is highly accepted by the clients all over the world.

Ovral L is known under different trade names such as Alesse, Portia, Aviane, Trivora, Triphasil, Enpresse, Lessina, Lutera, Lybrel, Levlen, Levilte, Sronyx, etc.

Ovral L is used to prevent pregnancy and is stored at room temperature. This should be protected from moisture & heat and kept away from children & pets.

Ovral L is used for preventing the pregnancy. It makes changes in the cervical mucus and prevents the sperm from getting attached with the fertilized egg and therefore it does not attached to the uterus.

Ovral L should be taken within 72 hours of the unprotected sex for effective result.

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Ovral L should be taken by the patients for 21 days continuously. Once this course of cycle is over, the patient should start with fresh pack for another 21 days after taking a gap of 7 days.

In case the patient has not used any contraceptive pill in the previous month then she should take first tablet on the first day of the period and if the patient takes Ovral L tablet on 2-7 day, then an additional birth control method should be used.

If the patient misses one tablet then she should take that tablet as soon as she remembers it. If the patients misses regular tablet one time and by the time she remembers about it, it’s time for regular second dose, then she need to take two tablets that is one missed and other regular.

The patients might suffer from the side effects of the tablet Ovral L such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach cramps, pain in breast, tenderness or swelling, etc.

Sometimes, the face of the patients becomes dark and there is change in the appetite & in turn weight. A few might experience vaginal itching or discharge, changes in the menstrual periods and decreased sex drive.

The user of Ovral L might get headache, nervousness, dizziness and patient might feel tired, their mood changes and they feel depressed.

The patients should not smoke while using Ovral L as it might increase the risk of blood clot, smoke or heart attack. Ovral L intake will not protect the patient from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, etc. So alternate method should be used by the patient for this.

In case, the patients shows any allergic reaction such as problem in breathing, swelling of face, etc. she should consult doctor.

Some patients using Ovral L might suffer from numbness, weakness, headache, confusion, pain behind eyes, blurred vision, pain in chest, fever, nausea and migraine headache,

Sometimes, the patient might suffer from jaundice, loss of appetite, swelling in hands, ankles, sleeping problem, etc.